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  • Rubik Shot Red Marilyn Rubikcubism Metal Giclee Print by Invader

    Invader Rubik Shot Red Marilyn Rubikcubism Metal Giclee Print by Invader

    Rubik Shot Red Marilyn Rubikcubism Metal Giclee Print by Invader Artwork Limited Edition Print on Diasec-Mounted Aluminium Composite Panel Graffiti Pop Street Artist. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 774 Artwork Size 39.37x39.37 or 100cmx100cm NVDR1-4. Elevate your art collection with the captivating "Rubik Shot Red Marilyn Rubikcubism Metal Giclee Prints" by the celebrated street artist Invader. These four expertly crafted, ready-to-hang prints feature a vibrant reimagining of an iconic subject using the novel medium of Rubik’s Cubes. Each print in this distinguished series is meticulously produced, showcasing a Diasec-mounted giclée on a robust, laser-cut aluminum composite panel. They are designed to make a statement in any space with dimensions of 100 x 100 cm and a significant weight of 13.5kg. The "Rubik Shot Red Marilyn" collection perfectly blends nostalgia and contemporary art, reflecting Invader’s renowned creativity and innovation within the world of street pop art.


  • Marilyn Monroe Joe DiMaggio HPM Serigraph Print by Steve Kaufman SAK

    Steve Kaufman SAK Marilyn Monroe Joe DiMaggio HPM Serigraph Print by Steve Kaufman SAK

    Marilyn Monroe- Joe DiMaggio Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Oil Paint HPM Silkscreen Print on Canvas by Steve Kaufman SAK Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 1996 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 16x16 Unstretched canvas, the image is in perfect condition. Rare Marilyn version with baseball player Joe DiMaggio.


Playboy has been a subject of interest for many artists in the realms of graffiti and pop art. Here are some ways that Playboy has been incorporated into these art forms: Graffiti Art: Playboy has been used as a motif in graffiti art to add a touch of eroticism and sensuality to the artwork. Playboy's iconic bunny logo has been adapted in various ways by graffiti artists, such as incorporating it into their tags or using it as a stencil. Graffiti artists have also used Playboy magazine covers and centerfolds as inspiration for their pieces, often reinterpreting them in their own unique style. Pop Art: Playboy has been a popular subject for pop artists, who have used its imagery to comment on the objectification of women in media and popular culture. Artists such as Richard Hamilton, Tom Wesselmann, and Allen Jones have all created works featuring Playboy centerfolds, either as standalone pieces or as part of larger collages. Their works often challenge the male gaze and question the role of women in the media. Playboy has been a recurring theme in graffiti and pop art, both as a source of inspiration and a symbol of critique.
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