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  • Stop The Virus - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Cleon Peterson Stop The Virus Silkscreen Print by Cleon Peterson

    Purchase Stop The Virus Limited Edition Hand Pulled 2-Color Screenprint Print on 290gsm Arches Rag Paper with Deckled Edges by Cleon Peterson graffiti street artist modern pop art. Hand-pulled 28 x 19" black and red screen print. Printed on 290gsm Arches Rag paper with decked edges. Each print is signed and numbered. Limited edition of 100. Cleon Peterson’s world is full of merciless cruelty, chaotic debauchery, and a never-ending struggle to subvert power and oppression. His simple compositions entail complex connotations and an unsettling critique of society’s ever-growing disenfranchisement, isolation, and desperation. Looking at his work, one can easily understand that the artist is not advocating for violence, which he, instead weaponizes in the battle with apathy.



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