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  • My Heart Belongs To Hawaii Lahaina Silkscreen Print by OG Slick

    My Heart Belongs To Hawaii Lahaina Silkscreen Print by OG Slick

    Purchase My Heart Belongs To Hawaii Lahaina Silkscreen Print by OG Slick Hand-Pulled on 298gsm Classic Crest Solar White Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of TBD Artwork Size 38x12 Silkscreen Print of OG Slick Gloved hands Twisting Signs About The 2023 Maui Hawaii Fires. Reads "Lahaina Is Not For Sale" The world of contemporary art often finds its muse in the gritty realities and socio-political events of the world, and this is abundantly evident in the "My Heart Belongs To Hawaii Lahaina" silkscreen print crafted by the renowned artist, OG Slick. Renowned for his mastery in pop art, street art, and graffiti art, OG Slick's pieces often encapsulate a fusion of cultures, street aesthetics, and significant events. This limited edition print, hand-pulled on 298gsm Classic Crest Solar White Fine Art Paper, stands testament to OG Slick's commitment to quality and his unparalleled craftsmanship. With an artwork size of 38x12, this piece makes a bold statement both in content and form. At the heart of this artwork lies the depiction of OG Slick's signature gloved hands, which are intricately twisting signs. But what makes this piece all the more poignant is its reflection on the devastating 2023 Maui Hawaii Fires. The tragedy, which affected countless lives and marred the natural beauty of the islands, becomes the central theme, allowing the audience to delve deep into the emotions and complexities associated with such events. The very name "My Heart Belongs To Hawaii Lahaina" resonates with an outpouring of grief, love, and an undying bond to the land that has faced such despair. What makes OG Slick's work particularly standout is not just his artistic talent but also his ability to capture the essence of an event or emotion, rendering it into a visual treat that engages, evokes, and often educates. This silkscreen print is not merely a representation of a tragic event; it's a homage to the resilience and beauty of Hawaii, a region that has time and again showcased its ability to rise from adversity. Through this artwork, OG Slick contributes to the annals of pop and street art, creating not just a piece of art but a legacy intertwined with history.


Graffiti street pop art has long been an important medium for political expression, providing artists with the opportunity to convey their messages, ideas, and concerns to a wide audience. This art form has roots in various cultures and has evolved over the years, playing a significant role in shaping political discourse. Several key aspects of politics in graffiti street pop art include: Social and political critique: Artists often use graffiti as a medium to express their dissent or opposition to specific issues, policies, or political figures. This can range from direct messages and caricatures to more subtle, abstract representations. Representation of marginalized groups: Graffiti street pop art has often been a way for underrepresented communities to voice their concerns and struggles. It's a platform for these groups to assert their identity and share their stories with the wider public. Calls for action and change: Graffiti can be a powerful medium to inspire change and demand social or political reforms. Some artists use their work to mobilize public opinion or encourage people to participate in activism. Satire and humor: Many artists incorporate humor and satire into their work to critique the status quo or to expose hypocrisy, corruption, or incompetence in politics. This approach can be an effective way to capture attention and make a statement. Celebration of political victories or achievements: Some graffiti street pop art celebrates political progress or important milestones, such as the election of a progressive leader or the passage of important legislation. Propaganda and counter-propaganda: Graffiti can be used by political factions to spread their messages and ideas, either in support of their cause or in opposition to their rivals. This can result in a visual battle of ideologies on the streets. Overall, graffiti street pop art has played a significant role in politics, providing a powerful platform for artists to engage with their audience and make their voices heard. The public nature of this art form means it can reach a wide audience, often challenging the mainstream narrative and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive political discourse.
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