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  • Kitsune Mask Kurayami Sculpture Art Toy by Jos Ros Kitsune Mask Kurayami Sculpture Art Toy by Jos Ros

    Jos Ros Kitsune Mask Kurayami Sculpture Art Toy by Jos Ros

    Purchase Kitsune Mask- Kurayami Limited Edition Polystone & Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by Modern Pop Culture Artist Jos Ros. 2022 Limited Editon of 300 11" Inch. Polystone Base can be used as a Table Mount or Wall Mount. Fascinated by masks, Jor Ros implements them into his art whenever possible. Drawing inspiration from Japanese fox masks, Jor Ros adds his own spin to it with Kitsune Mask. Now back in a second colorway, featuring the iconic dark navy blue that features prominently throughout his works. Contrasted beautifully with deep reds and orange accents.  Honor the legendary creature with Kitsune Mask (Kurayami Edition) and give your collection a mystical flair with this eye-grabbing piece!  


  • No More Amore Art Toy Sculpture by Abell Octovan No More Amore Art Toy Sculpture by Abell Octovan

    Abell Octovan No More Amore Art Toy Sculpture by Abell Octovan

    Purchase No More Amore Polystone Sculpture Limited Edition Artwork by Artist Abell Octovan of Pop Graffiti Painting & Street Art Fame. 2022 Valentine's Day Special Cupid’s done with matching lovers. He’s tired of the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, tired of the painful wailing of broken hearts, tired of listening to people begging to go back to their exes. Romance is dead, things are the new love. Surrounded by broken hearts, he rests and snaps his red bow and arrow. Drawing inspiration from classic Greek sculptures, No More Amore features a smooth marble-like effect. Emphasized in red are his bow and arrow, and the phrase “Till love breaks us apart”, representing the eventual heartbreak love brings.  


Polystone is a popular material used in the creation of fine art sculptures due to its durability, versatility, and realistic appearance. It is a compound made from polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives, typically limestone or granite. The combination of these materials results in a strong, dense, and heavy substance that can be easily molded into intricate and detailed designs. There are several reasons why polystone is favored in the production of fine art sculptures: Durability: Polystone is highly durable and resistant to damage such as chipping and breaking, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor sculptures. Versatility: Polystone can be easily molded and sculpted into a variety of shapes, sizes, and intricate designs. It can also be painted and finished to achieve a wide range of textures and appearances, closely mimicking the look of materials like marble, bronze, and wood. Realistic appearance: When properly finished and painted, polystone sculptures can closely resemble other materials, such as stone or metal, giving artists the flexibility to create realistic and visually appealing pieces. Cost-effective: Polystone is generally more affordable than other traditional materials, such as marble or bronze, making it accessible for artists and collectors alike. Low maintenance: Polystone sculptures require minimal maintenance, as they are less prone to damage and wear over time. Despite its many advantages, polystone does have some limitations, primarily related to its lower resistance to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight compared to materials like bronze or stone. Nonetheless, it remains a popular choice for many artists and collectors, offering a versatile and cost-effective option for creating impressive fine art sculptures.
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