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  • Sale -15% Animals Cow HPM Serigraph Print by Steve Kaufman SAK Animals Cow HPM Serigraph Print by Steve Kaufman SAK

    Steve Kaufman SAK Animals Cow HPM Serigraph Print by Steve Kaufman SAK

    Animals- Cow Limited Edition Hand-Embellished HPM Serigraph Print on Canvas by Steve Kaufman Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. Artist: Steve Kaufman Title: Animals- Cow Dimensions: 10in. by 12in. Edition: From the rare limited edition of unique works using the same colors and patterns 13/50 Medium: Original oil painting on canvas Signature Details: Hand signed and numbered by the artist verso After graduating from SVA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kaufman held art shows in London and eventually left The Factory to establish his own studio, named “SAK”, after the nickname Warhol had given to him based on his initials. Already an activist, having participated in an early AIDS awareness demonstration in which he was arrested, Kaufman attempted to make an impact on the Homeless issue by hiring homeless New Yorkers to assist him at his studio. He went on to raise millions for the homeless cause.


  • Social Distancing Archival Print by Ben Frost

    Ben Frost Social Distancing Archival Print by Ben Frost

    Social Distancing Simpsons Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Print on 310gsm Bauhaus Cotton Rag Paper by Artist Ben Frost, Street Pop Art Graffiti. 2020 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 40 Artwork Size 12x12. Ben Frost (b. 1975) Social Distancing, 2020 Archival digital print on Bauhaus Cotton Rag Stock paper 12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm) (sheet) Ed. 40 is signed and numbered in pencil along the lower edge and published by the artist. Intersecting Pop Culture and Social Commentary Ben Frost's "Social Distancing Simpsons" archival pigment fine art print is a piercing examination of contemporary society through the lens of street pop art and graffiti. This limited edition print, numbered and signed, reflects Frost's unique and often controversial approach to his art, blending pop culture icons with subversive messaging. Created in 2020, "Social Distancing Simpsons" is a compelling artwork set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, a time when social distancing became a ubiquitous part of life. By incorporating a familiar character from "The Simpsons," Frost taps into the collective consciousness and comments on the impact of societal changes on popular culture. The choice of using archival digital print on Bauhaus Cotton Rag Stock paper, a high-quality material, ensures that the vibrancy of the piece and the precision of its details are preserved. The image of the Simpson's character juxtaposed with a pharmaceutical label indicates Frost's style, often involving the fusion of disparate elements to create a jarring yet thought-provoking visual statement. This 12 x 12 inches print is a perfect square that captures the essence of Frost's artistic statement: a critique of consumerism, mental health, and the pharmaceutical industry. Ben Frost's Signature Style Frost's work is characterized by his unflinching willingness to confront and challenge viewers with uncomfortable truths about modern life. In "Social Distancing Simpsons," the collision of the cartoon world with the stark reality of medication speaks to a generation that finds solace in nostalgia while grappling with present-day anxieties. With its limited edition of 40, the artwork becomes a collector's piece, a snapshot of an era defined by isolation and the search for connection. Reflection of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Frost's art is a reflection of street pop art and graffiti in its directness and its utilization of visual language that is immediate and accessible. Incorporating street art aesthetics into fine art prints blurs the lines between high art and more democratic expressions in urban environments. "Social Distancing Simpsons" is a testament to the power of this genre to communicate beyond words, offering a visual critique that is both universal and deeply personal. In summary, "Social Distancing Simpsons" by Ben Frost is more than just an artwork; it is a commentary on the times, a mirror held up to the complexities and contradictions of contemporary life. Through his expert blending of pop culture references with cutting social commentary, Frost solidifies his place as a significant voice in street pop art and graffiti artwork. This piece, in particular, stands as a poignant reminder of 2020, capturing the essence of a moment that has left an indelible mark on society.



Popular graffiti street pop art refers to the contemporary urban art movement that emerged from the blending of graffiti, street art, and pop art. This art form has gained massive recognition and admiration around the world for its vibrant colors, bold imagery, and often, its social and political commentary. Many graffiti street pop artists incorporate elements from popular culture, such as cartoons, comic books, and advertising, making their work accessible and relatable to a wide audience. These artists and many others have significantly influenced the world of graffiti street pop art, creating a global phenomenon that continues to evolve and inspire new generations of artists. Some of the most famous graffiti street pop artists include: Banksy: A mysterious and anonymous British artist, Banksy is known for his satirical street art and subversive epigrams. His work often features a blend of dark humor, wit, and social commentary. Shepard Fairey: An American artist and graphic designer, Fairey gained fame with his iconic "Obey Giant" sticker campaign and the "Hope" poster for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. His work often combines graffiti, pop art, and political messages. Keith Haring: An American artist and social activist, Haring's work was characterized by bold lines, bright colors, and simple, expressive figures. He often created public murals, addressing social issues such as AIDS awareness, racial equality, and anti-nuclear activism. Jean-Michel Basquiat: A neo-expressionist American artist, Basquiat began his career as a graffiti artist before gaining fame in the art world. His work often incorporated text, symbols, and figures, addressing themes like race, power, and inequality. DFace: A British street artist, DFace is known for his distinctive, comic book-inspired style. His work often includes parodies of pop culture icons and a critique of consumerist society. Ron English: An American artist, English is known for his unique blend of graffiti, street art, and pop culture imagery. His work often includes satirical takes on famous logos, characters, and advertising campaigns.

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