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  • Indivisible HPM HPM Hand-Embellished Serigraph - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Saber Indivisible HPM Serigraph Print by Saber

    Purchase Indivisible HPM Limited Edition Hand Pulled 4-Color Serigraph Print on Coventry Rag Archival Paper by Saber graffiti street artist modern pop art. This is a large print.  -40"x28" in  -Serigraph/ mixed media, spray paint, pencil on Coventry Rag archival paper   -Each print is unique with spraypaint and pencil  -Hand deckled edges   "This print was an experiment from start to finish. This is a multi-dimensional mixed media print in the sense the original was created as a conceptual digital-video piece. From this video experiment I was able to capture the final image to be translated into the print format. This was tricky breaking the American Flag that was printed on glass and capturing the right moments as it shattered, but as this process evolved so did the outcome. I really went all out on these with the hand-touching. Within the print layers are raw spray-paint tags buried under multi-colored split fountains. I also penciled and spray-painted on top of the prints weaving these colors and gestures through the image." -Saber


  • Dissection Of The Letter S Drawing - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Nychos Dissection Of The Letter S Original Acrylic Painting by Nychos

    Purchase Dissection Of The Letter S Original Painting Mixed Media Framed On Paper by Nychos graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2013 Signed Original Mixed Media Acrylic Spray Paint Painting Artwork Size 40x48.5 “My dad and my grandpa were traditional Austrian hunters, so I think that is where some of my interest in anatomy comes from. Seeing a deer dissected for the first time was very inspiring for me. Seeing all the guts and intestines drop out, it was a bit crazy at first,” Nychos told Hypebeast while painting at the world’s premiere street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii earlier this year. “Using all of this anatomy I think have found something I can stick with and really go crazy on. It’s staying fresh for me because I am always finding new ways to do it.”  -Nychos


  • Pink Party Original Acrylic Painting by Serge Gay Jr

    Serge Gay Jr Pink Party Original Acrylic Painting by Serge Gay Jr

    Purchase Pink Party Original One of a Kind Acrylic Painting Artwork on Stretched Canvas by Popular Art Pop Culture Artist Serge Gay Jr. 2011 Signed Original Acrylic Painting Size 40x30 Ready To Hand On Canvas


  • 599 Ferrari Archival Pigment Print - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    599 Ferrari Archival Pigment Print

    Purchase 599 Ferrari Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by Camilo Pardo graffiti street artist modern pop art. The art that Camilo Pardo has created over the years is all over Detroit. A considerable amount of it is present on our freeways at any given moment of the day. Most recognized for his design work on the Ford GT, Camilo put verve in the steel curves and reminded us that a car's first internal combustion takes place in an artist's mind.


  • First Love AP Giclee Print by Bezt

    Bezt First Love AP Giclee Print by Bezt

    Purchase First Love Artist Proof AP Pop Street Artwork Limited Edition Giclee Print on 300gsm Fine Art Paper by Urban Graffiti Modern Artist Bezt. Artist Proof AP 2016 Signed Limited Edition Size 40x21 Regular Edition of 30



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