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  • What Drones? HPM Hand-Embellished Stencil - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Denial- Daniel Bombardier What Drones? HPM Spray Paint Wood Stencil by Denial- Daniel Bombardier

    Purchase What Drones? Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Spray Paint, Acrylic, Stencil, Mixed Media On Cradled Wood Panel by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2015 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of HPM Stencil 5 Artwork Size 48x30 Canadian artist Denial and Australian-born Ben Frost have joined forces in a bold exhibition of new work that explores the boundaries of appropriation, in confronting re-imaginings of our current dystopian society. Self-­confessed ‘visual thieves’, both artists have had a long history of stealing and subverting the cultural icons that the advertising and consumerist world has thrust upon us, to create new and pertinent interpretations that are as confronting as they are humorous. Denial and Frost formed an instant friendship since their meeting in Canada in 2011 and have been creating engaging street and gallery work ever since. "Company of Thieves" sees their collaboration push further, with large and small-scale works that reference Pop Art, Graffiti, and the corporate world they rebel against. Denial’s art is strongly political and social since the artist takes specific positions against issues, such as capitalism, consumer culture, and advertisements. More importantly, the artist is aware of his choices and motivations: “I like to think of myself as activist pop art. How I relate with cartoons and graphics is a lot easier than I do with photo-realistic stuff" Another aspect of Denial's work is humor.  His work is satirical, which, by definition, means that it uses humor as a confronting mechanism.  


  • Detroit Entities Alpha - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Askew One Detroit Entities Alpha Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Askew One

    Purchase Detroit Entities Alpha Original Painting  Acrylic and Spray Paint on Plexiglass by Askew One graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2013 Signed Original Painting Artwork Size 48x48 Custom Framed "Detroit started this whole train of thought during my first visit in 2009. I think the metaphor of Entropy is throughout the world but extends to Detroit as well. The Entropy in Detroit's case was human expanse and industry. This work is optimistic though, like Detroit. It's about new beginnings." – ASKEW ONE


  • City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos x Daze

    Crash- John Matos City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos x Daze

    Purchase City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos x Daze Silkscreen Hand-Pulled Screen on 320gsm Coventry Rag Paper Mural Pop Street Art Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 199 Artwork Size 48x17 Hand Deckled "City as Canvas," Crash x Daze, 2022 Silkscreen on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper with hand deckled edges Image Size: 11" x 42" Paper Size: 17" x 48" An edition of 199 + 10 APs + 10 PPs + 20 Foundation Proofs Signed & Numbered in Pencil by Artist with Certificate of Authenticity Printed by Gary Lichtenstein Editions Published and Shipped by WCC Editions Mural Creation Year: 2013



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