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Rosenthal Luxury Dishware is a renowned brand known for its high-quality porcelain and fine china. The company was founded in 1879 by Philipp Rosenthal in Selb, Germany. Over the years, Rosenthal has become synonymous with innovation, design, and quality in the world of tableware, home decor, and gift items. Rosenthal offers a wide range of products, including dinnerware, serveware, drinkware, flatware, and decorative accessories. The brand has collaborated with numerous famous artists and designers such as Walter Gropius, Raymond Loewy, and Patricia Urquiola to create unique and innovative collections. Some popular collections from Rosenthal include: TAC by Walter Gropius: Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, this modernist collection features clean lines and minimalist design. Suomi by Timo Sarpaneva: The Finnish designer's collection is known for its organic shapes and smooth surfaces, inspired by the natural landscapes of Finland. Thomas by Rosenthal: A more casual, everyday line of dinnerware featuring simple, practical designs. Versace by Rosenthal: A collaboration with the iconic fashion house, this collection features bold patterns and opulent designs, reflecting the signature Versace style. Magic Flute by Bjorn Wiinblad: A whimsical collection that showcases intricate illustrations and fantastical motifs. When purchasing Rosenthal products, be prepared for higher price points, as the brand is associated with luxury and exclusivity. However, the investment is often justified by the quality, design, and craftsmanship

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