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  • Thats Some Hotdawg Silkscreen Print by Sheryo & The Yok

    Sheryo & The Yok Thats Some Hotdawg Silkscreen Print by Sheryo & The Yok

    Thats Some Hotdawg Limited Edition 4-Color Screen Print on 130lbs Mohawk Fine Art Paper by Sheryo & The Yok Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2016 SIgned & Numbered Limited Edition of 75 Artwork Size 18x24 "This piece started out as a couple of drawings which then made their way into Photoshop. A couple of pizzas later, it became awesome.We’ve been painting quite a few food themed murals in the US and around the world, so it only seemed fitting to finally release a print, something people could bring home with them. " - Sheryo & The Yok


Sheryo & The Yok

Sheryo and The Yok are a street art duo made up of two artists, Sheryo from Singapore and The Yok from Australia. They began collaborating in 2011 and have become known for their distinctive style that combines elements of traditional Asian art, folk iconography, and contemporary street art. Their work often features surreal, fantastical creatures and characters, with a strong influence from the cultures they've encountered during their travels. The duo is also known for integrating humor and wit into their pieces, creating a unique, playful aesthetic. Sheryo and The Yok have painted murals and exhibited their artwork in galleries across the world, including in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. They are highly regarded for their ability to merge traditional and contemporary styles, as well as for their commitment to community engagement and collaboration.

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