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  • Sale -20% Snoopy Bad Inc Original Mixed Media Street Sign Painting by Sonic Bad

    Sonic Bad Snoopy Bad Inc Original Mixed Media Street Sign Painting by Sonic Bad

    Purchase Snoopy Bad INC Original Mixed Media Graffiti Artist Modern Pop Art on Real Metal Street Sign by Sonic Bad. 2015 Signed Original Spray Paint Mixed Media on Tin Metal Security Sign. Sonic BAD INC Snoopy Bad INC Artwork Size 14x10 Depicting Peanuts Red Barron Snoopy & Woodstock Bomber Stylistic Graffiti Holding Pistol Gun with Security Camera and Snowman. "Snoopy Bad INC" stands as a striking representation of modern pop art, capturing the essence of urban culture and rebellion. Crafted by the gifted hands of Sonic Bad, this artwork merges traditional pop culture icons with the gritty, raw energy of street art, culminating in an arresting visual narrative that challenges the observer to reflect on the complexities of modern life. Dated 2015, this piece is an original spray paint mixed media artwork rendered meticulously on a tin metal security sign. The choice of substrate is itself symbolic, as the once authoritative metal sign, meant to assert control and surveillance, is now transformed into a canvas of artistic expression and defiance. It's a nod to the transformative power of art, and its ability to reclaim and repurpose. Central to the artwork is the iconic figure of Snoopy, reconceptualized here as the Red Barron Bomber, an avatar of resistance. The character holds a pistol, possibly suggesting a challenge to authority or perhaps underscoring the idea of survival in an increasingly surveilled society. To his side, a security camera and a snowman are portrayed, elements that bring in layers of meaning – from societal watchfulness to the fleeting nature of life and art. Sonic BAD INC's decision to incorporate these elements reiterates the tensions of modern living, where innocence and nostalgia meet the hard edges of reality. In the grand tapestry of street, graffiti, and pop art, "Snoopy Bad INC" by Sonic Bad serves as a reminder of the power of art to both mirror and critique the world it inhabits. Through his unique lens, Sonic Bad beckons viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery, all while celebrating the indomitable spirit of creativity.


  • Sale -20% Caution Sechor Required Street Sign Graffiti Painting by Sechor

    Sechor Caution Sechor Required Street Sign Graffiti Painting by Sechor

    Purchase Caution Sechor Required Original Mixed Media Spray Paint & Acrylic Painting graffiti artist modern pop art on Real Metal Street Sign by Sechor. 2021 Signed Original Acrylic paint on metal. 14x10 in


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Street art is inherently related to creating art in public and lively locations in an effort to maximize visibility, sometimes in order for the artists to make a bigger name for themselves and other times to spread a socio-political message across the urban environment and make a point. Even though we are mostly used to seeing street art on the surfaces of buildings or subways, street signs are, also, another common target. They are prominent and, thus, the perfect canvas for many artists. In most cases, though, it is the aesthetic value and historic connotations of utilizing street signs and not actual functioning street signs that inspire contemporary art. Graffiti on street signs is a form of street art that involves the use of street signs as a canvas for artistic expression. While some people view it as a form of vandalism, others see it as a legitimate form of artistic expression. From a legal perspective, graffiti on street signs is generally considered vandalism and is therefore illegal. However, some cities have designated certain areas where graffiti and street art are allowed, such as designated graffiti walls or public art installations. When it comes to street signs, some artists use them as a form of commentary on the urban environment or to convey a message. Others use street signs as a way to play with the existing text or imagery, creating new meanings or juxtapositions. Despite the controversy surrounding graffiti on street signs, it is undeniable that it has become a significant part of urban culture and has inspired countless artists around the world. Graffiti art and pop art both incorporate elements of city life, and city street signs are a common feature in both styles. City street signs can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be used to convey a range of messages, from the practical (such as indicating the name of a street or the speed limit) to the abstract (such as representing the energy and excitement of urban life). In graffiti art, street signs are often used as a canvas for tagging, a form of graffiti that involves writing one's name or signature in a stylized way. Graffiti artists may also use street signs as a way to communicate messages or ideas to their fellow artists or the wider community. In pop art, city street signs may be incorporated into larger works that explore the themes of urban life and the commercialization of public spaces. Pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein used street signs as a way to comment on the ways in which consumer culture shapes our experience of the city.

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