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  • Sale -25% Kong Adidas- Beyond The Streets - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Kong Adidas- Beyond The Streets Silkscreen

    Purchase Kong Adidas- Beyond The Streets Limited Edition Silkscreen Skateboard deck art by street pop culture artist KC Ortiz. Kc Ortiz Kong Adidas Limited Edition Beyond The Streets Skateboard Deck Retna


  • MTA Throwie Deck Archival Pigment Print - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Cope2- Fernando Carlo MTA Throwie Skateboard Deck by Cope2- Fernando Carlo

    Purchase MTA Throwie Deck Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Transfer Skateboard Deck Art by Street Pop Culture Artist Cope2. Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skate Deck Size:    8 x 31.875 Inches Release:    July 22, 2020 Run of:    75 The beginning of the new millennium found Cope2 in a different place in his career, as he started focusing more and more on ways to establish himself in the art scene of galleries and museums. Even though the artist had started working on canvas much earlier than the 2000s, it was then that he made this dynamic twist and agreed to exhibit indoors systematically. Whether you see graffiti as an expressive and lively form of art or as a form of irresponsible vandalism, one thing is certain; in recent years it has captured the attention of the general population to the world’s biggest galleries.



Purchase Subway Print Street Pop Art & Subway Graffiti Artwork From Urban, Modern Contemporary Artists.


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