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  • Until The End of Time- Yellow Uncut & Varnished AP - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Until The End of Time- Yellow Uncut & Varnished AP Silkscreen

    Purchase Until The End of Time- Yellow Uncut & Varnished AP 6-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Cept Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. AP Only 4 ever made Artist Proof – Uncut & Varnished  56 x 76 cm  6 color screen print.  printed on 300 gsm somerset paper.  2013


  • Super Saver! 2- Embellished HPM Hand-Embellished - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Denial- Daniel Bombardier Super Saver! 2 Embellished HPM Silkscreen Print by Denial- Daniel Bombardier

    Purchase Super Saver! 2 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished  6-Color Screen Print on Framed 350gsm Cotton Fine Art Paper by Denial Daniel Bombardier. Custom Framed 2015 Signed Limited HPM Edition of 40 Artwork Size 28x22 "I originally painted a version of this in Wynwood at Art Basel this year (2015). Like a lot of working artists I put the entire trip on my credit card and had to deal with it after I got the "bill." It's basically a statement on living day to day and trying to figure it all out. Like how to make art and travel and live with some balance to it all.I have an affinity, as many people do to superheroes. I really think they are a beautiful sentiment to a very messed up world/existence." - Denial Denial is a Canadian artist who experiments with aerosol and stencil art, while his main fields of interest are consumerism, politics and the human condition in today’s society. Since the culture of graffiti was gaining more and more popularity in the US and Europe, the taggers had to be increasingly original in order to stand out. The signatures became bigger, more stylized and more colorful.  



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