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  • Sale -20% TAKI 183 Matte Black Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN

    TAKI 183 TAKI 183 Matte Black Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN

    Purchase TAKI 183 Matte Black Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN Limited Edition Crossover. 2022 Spray Paint Can Signed Box Limited Edition of 500 Artwork Size 3x8 Can Montana MTN Spray Paint is a brand of spray paint that is known for its high-quality and wide range of colors. The brand is popular among artists, graffiti writers, and designers who use spray paint for various projects, including murals, street art, and DIY projects. Montana MTN Spray Paint is made by Montana Colors, a Spanish company that was founded in 1994. The brand offers a variety of spray paint lines, including Hardcore, 94, and Alien, each with their own unique characteristics and features. Montana MTN Spray Paint is known for its high pigmentation, fast-drying formula, and low-pressure system that allows for precise and controlled application. Montana MTN Spray Paint is available in over 200 colors and finishes, including matte, glossy, metallic, and fluorescent. The brand also offers a range of accessories, such as caps, markers, and protective coatings, to enhance and customize the spray paint experience.


  • 50th Anniversary BTS HPM Spray Paint Print by Beyond The Streets x TAKI 183

    TAKI 183 50th Anniversary BTS HPM Spray Paint Print by Beyond The Streets x TAKI 183

    Purchase 50th Anniversary BTS HPM Spray Paint Print by Beyond The Streets x TAKI 183 2-Color Screen Print MEDIA on Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork. 2019 Signed & Numbered SPray Paint HPM Embellished Limited Edition of 183 Artwork Size 18x24 Hand Deckled he 50th Anniversary BTS HPM Spray Paint Print is a collaboration between Beyond The Streets and TAKI 183 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic graffiti artist TAKI 183's emergence on the New York City street art scene. Beyond The Streets, known for its exhibitions and events showcasing street art and graffiti, has teamed up with TAKI 183 to create a limited edition series of hand-painted multiple (HPM) spray paint prints. TAKI 183, a Greek-American artist, is considered a pioneer of modern graffiti and was one of the first to gain widespread recognition for his work. He began tagging in the late 1960s and early 1970s in New York City, using his name (short for Demetrius) and the street number where he lived (183rd Street) as his signature. His bold, simple style became a blueprint for many graffiti artists to follow, and his influence has been felt throughout the street art world ever since. This special edition print showcases TAKI 183's signature style and pays homage to the history of graffiti art. Each piece is unique and hand-painted by the artist, making it a valuable collectible for street art enthusiasts and art collectors alike. The collaboration between Beyond The Streets and TAKI 183 is a testament to the lasting impact of his work and a celebration of his contributions to the world of graffiti and street art.


TAKI 183

Taki 183 is a legendary graffiti artist who is often credited as one of the pioneers of modern graffiti culture. Born Demetrius, Taki 183 got his pseudonym from his nickname "Taki," short for Demetrius in Greek, combined with the street number of his building on 183rd Street in Washington Heights, New York City. He gained prominence in the early 1970s when he began tagging his moniker on subway cars, walls, and other public spaces throughout New York City. His tags quickly spread and gained recognition, inspiring other youths to adopt their own unique graffiti names and styles. Taki 183's fame skyrocketed in 1971 when The New York Times published an article about him titled "Taki 183 Spawns Pen Pals." This article brought the underground graffiti culture to mainstream attention and led to an explosion of graffiti art across New York City and beyond. While his work was primarily simple tags, Taki 183's influence on the graffiti world is undeniable. He played a crucial role in shaping the graffiti movement by inspiring countless other artists to express themselves through this unique art form. Though Taki 183 eventually stopped tagging, his legacy as a pioneer of graffiti culture lives on. Many contemporary graffiti artists cite him as a major influence and continue to pay homage to his groundbreaking work.

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