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  • In Your Arms Archival Print by ThankYouX

    ThankYouX In Your Arms Archival Print by ThankYouX

    In Your Arms Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by ThankYouX Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2016 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 16x20 "I created this print special for 1xRUN. The image shows a girl letting go and throwing her hands up while being taken over by color, feelings, and emotions. It was inspired by a remix I did for a DJ Producer named Michael Woods. The song's lyrics were inspiring and made me want to create something unique.I feel that music and art can be one. When I make music, it makes me want to create more paintings; when I paint, it makes me want to get back in the studio and make more music. I want to continue this Art/Music project for the rest of the year. "- ThankYouX ThankYouX's Artistic Symphony ThankYouX, renowned for his vivid and expressive pieces, has made a distinct mark on modern pop art with his limited edition archival pigment prints. His work "In Your Arms" is a captivating example, blending street art's energy with pop art's sensibility into a creation rich in emotion and color. Released in 2016 as a limited edition of 50, each piece is signed and numbered, making it a treasure for collectors and enthusiasts. "In Your Arms" measures 16x20 inches and is printed on 310gsm fine art paper, a testament to the artist's commitment to quality and longevity. ThankYouX's approach to this piece was inspired by a remix he produced for DJ Michael Woods. The synergy between the music's lyrics and ThankYouX's visual imagination gave birth to an image that captures the essence of letting go, represented by the figure of a girl surrendering to a whirlwind of color and sentiment. This work is an emblem of the artist's belief in the unity of music and visual art. ThankYouX emphasizes the cyclical inspiration he derives from both disciplines, where painting fuels his musical creativity, and music, in turn, urges him to pick up the brush again. The artist intends to sustain this Art/Music project, exploring the harmonious relationship between the auditory and visual realms. Emotional Resonance in Street Pop Art The emotional resonance of "In Your Arms" is palpable; the subject is caught in a moment of ecstatic release, with vibrant splashes of color that seem to emerge from the very soul of the figure. This piece embodies the core of street pop art & graffiti artwork, where the raw and refined converge, and emotion can be as vividly portrayed on paper as on the urban canvas's walls. ThankYouX's work, mainly "In Your Arms," reflects the dynamic street art scene, where storytelling is visceral and direct. The figure's posture, the explosion of hues, and the invisible yet tangible energy emanating from the print are characteristic of street art's expressive power. It is an art that speaks to the eyes and heart, encouraging viewers to feel first and analyze later. In the grand tapestry of street pop art & graffiti artwork, "In Your Arms" is a thread that weaves together the intimacy of personal experience with the universality of music and art. It invites introspection and evokes a sense of shared humanity, bridging the gap between artist and audience. ThankYouX's creation is a reminder of art's enduring capacity to encapsulate and communicate the profound moments of our existence. Collectors of ThankYouX's prints are invited to participate in this symphony of art and music to own a piece of a narrative that transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms. "In Your Arms" is not just a visual treat; it is a sensory journey that encapsulates the artist's vision of a world where art and music dance in unison, enriching the other and creating a legacy that will resonate for years.



ThankYouX's art is a fusion of different styles and techniques, from pop art to street art. His work often features bold colors, geometric shapes, and pop culture references. He is particularly known for his use of stencils, which he uses to create complex and layered images. ThankYouX's bold and colorful work has made him one of the most recognizable and beloved contemporary artists working today. His unique style and ability to blend different artistic traditions has earned him a devoted following of fans and collectors around the world.

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