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  • Todd James x Beyond The Streets Skateboard Art Deck

    Todd James Todd James x Beyond The Streets Skateboard Art Deck

    Purchase Todd James x Beyond The Streets Deck Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skateboard Deck by Street Artwork Graffiti Artist Todd James. 2022 Todd James x Beyond The Streets Limited Edition Skate Deck Edition of 100 8.25 x 14.25 in 20.95 x 36.20 cm Small Rub Mark in the Beard Detail


Todd James

Todd James, also known by his pseudonym REAS, is an American contemporary artist born in 1969. He is known for his vibrant and colorful works, which often include cartoonish characters, graffiti-style lettering, and humorous or provocative themes. He began his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980s, painting New York City subway cars alongside other influential street artists such as Barry McGee and Steve Powers. James's work has evolved over time, with his style encompassing various mediums such as illustration, painting, and sculpture. His art has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. He has also collaborated with numerous brands and musicians, creating designs for album covers, stage sets, and more. In recent years, Todd James has become known for his provocative paintings, which often feature a satirical take on contemporary society and politics, war, consumer culture, and media. His art is characterized by its bright colors, bold lines, and irreverent humor, which have garnered him a large following and significant recognition within the contemporary art world.

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