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  • Sale -20% Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Trust iCON Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Purchase Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON Hand-Pulled 2-Color Screen Print on 375gsm Lambeth Cartridge Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 100 Artwork Size 23.62x23.62


  • Fully Charged Unique Original Spray Paint Stencil Painting by Trust iCON

    Trust iCON Fully Charged Unique Original Spray Paint Stencil Painting by Trust iCON

    Purchase Fully Charged Unique Original Spray Paint Stencil Painting by Trust iCON One of a Kind Artwork on Distressed Cardboard by Street Art Pop Artist. 2023 Signed with COA Spray Paint Stencil Original Painting on Cardboard Artwork Size 35.43x12.59 Depicting Star Wars Robot Android R2-D2 Plugged Into a Wall Socked Recharging. "Fully Charged" is a distinctive piece by Trust iCON, a renowned figure in the pop and street art scenes, known for his thought-provoking and often humorous works that blend cultural commentary with iconic imagery. This unique original spray paint stencil painting is a masterful integration of pop culture and street art sensibility, created on a piece of distressed cardboard, which adds an authentic, gritty backdrop to the work. Measuring 35.43x12.59 inches, the painting features the beloved Star Wars droid, R2-D2, reimagined in a moment of respite, plugged into a wall socket recharging its batteries. Crafted in 2023, this signed piece is emblematic of Trust iCON's flair for capturing the essence of contemporary society's interaction with technology, and it does so through the lens of one of the most recognizable robots in cinematic history. By portraying R2-D2, a character from a franchise set in a galaxy far, far away, in such a mundane human activity, the artist bridges the gap between the fantasy of science fiction and the reality of our technology-dependent lives. Using a stencil and spray paint not only pays homage to the traditional methods of street art but also injects a sense of immediacy and rawness into the piece. The cardboard medium itself tells a story; its imperfections and the weathered texture provide a stark contrast to the clean, mechanical lines of R2-D2, further playing into the theme of the interplay between the polished fictional world and our own. This artwork goes beyond a simple representation; it speaks to the viewer on multiple levels, offering a commentary on energy consumption, our relationship with the machines we create, and the often-overlooked everyday aspects of the characters we idolize. With "Fully Charged," Trust iCON contributes to the narrative that street art is not just an outdoor phenomenon but a sophisticated, gallery-worthy form of expression that continues to challenge and redefine the boundaries of modern art.


  • It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Trust iCON It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Purchase It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON Artist Proof Hand-Pulled 8-Color Screen Print on 375gsm Lambeth Cartridge Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. AP Artist Proof 2023 Signed & AP Marked Original Run Limited Edition Artwork Size 9.84x23.62 "It's Complicated" is an artwork by the British street artist known as Trust iCON. Trust iCON is well-known for his thought-provoking and often satirical street art that incorporates popular culture, politics, and social commentary.  Trust iCON's works typically involve witty plays on words and images, often incorporating iconic characters from film, television, or comics to convey deeper meanings and messages. The artwork titled "It's Complicated" may also follow a similar pattern, using a recognizable character or symbol to comment on a social or political issue.


Trust iCON
Trust iCON, a prolific and enigmatic graffiti artist, has been making waves in the world of street art for quite some time now. As a creative force, Trust iCON is known for his unique ability to blend pop culture references, political commentary, and striking visuals into his artwork, creating thought-provoking pieces that challenge viewers to question their own assumptions and societal norms. Born in London, England, Trust iCON has been fascinated by graffiti and street art since his early years. He first started making his mark in the late 2000s, but his breakthrough moment came in the early 2010s, when his witty and daring artworks began to garner international attention. Despite his rising fame, Trust iCON has managed to maintain a cloak of anonymity, much like the infamous street artist Banksy. This anonymity has further fueled the intrigue and curiosity surrounding his work. Trust iCON's art is characterized by a distinctive style that combines the elements of traditional graffiti with the refined techniques of fine art. He often uses stencils and spray paint to create his work, which allows him to achieve a high level of detail and precision in his pieces. This combination of styles makes his artwork stand out among other street artists and has contributed significantly to his growing reputation in the art world. One of the most notable aspects of Trust iCON's work is his clever use of humor and satire. He frequently parodies iconic images from popular culture and uses them to convey a deeper message about society, politics, or the human condition. For example, he has transformed the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe's skirt blowing up in "The Seven Year Itch" into a statement about consumerism and the objectification of women. In another piece, he took the famous "I Love New York" logo and changed it to "I Love Surveillance," commenting on the prevalence of surveillance cameras and the erosion of personal privacy in modern society. Trust iCON's artwork often addresses the issues of capitalism, consumerism, and the impact of modern technology on our daily lives. He uses his unique perspective and artistic talent to make bold statements about the world around us and to challenge viewers to think critically about the systems and structures that shape their lives. His provocative art is not only visually striking but also intellectually stimulating, encouraging deep reflection and discussion. Some of Trust iCON's most memorable works include "Super Mario Brothers: Homeless Edition," which highlights the issue of homelessness by depicting the popular video game character Mario as a homeless person pushing a shopping cart, and "Life Is Beautiful," which features the image of a young girl releasing a red heart-shaped balloon, accompanied by the phrase "Life is Beautiful – Just Not for the 1%." These pieces demonstrate Trust iCON's ability to use familiar imagery in unexpected ways to convey powerful messages about social and political issues. As Trust iCON's reputation has grown, his work has begun to appear in galleries and exhibitions around the world. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike have taken notice of his thought-provoking pieces, and his artwork has been featured in high-profile auctions and private collections. While he continues to create provocative street art, Trust iCON has also begun to explore other artistic mediums, such as sculpture and mixed media installations, further expanding his artistic reach and influence. The impact of Trust iCON's work extends beyond the art world, as his pieces often spark discussions and debates about the issues they address. His art has inspired activists and community organizers, who have used his imagery and messages to raise awareness and promote social change. By using his art as a platform for social commentary, Trust iCON has demonstrated the power of street art to reach beyond the confines of galleries and museums and to engage with the public in a way that is both accessible and meaningful. Trust iCON's unique blend of humor, satire , and social commentary has solidified his position as one of the most innovative and thought-provoking street artists of his generation. His ability to use familiar imagery in unconventional ways has challenged viewers to reconsider their perspectives on societal issues and sparked important conversations about the world in which we live. As his work continues to evolve and diversify, Trust iCON is undoubtedly shaping the future of street art and leaving an indelible mark on both the art world and society at large. Despite the commercial success that Trust iCON has achieved, he remains committed to the roots of street art and the notion that it should be accessible to everyone. By continuing to create public artworks that are free for all to enjoy, Trust iCON is not only contributing to the cultural landscape but also helping to foster a sense of community and connection among people from diverse backgrounds. His work serves as a reminder that art can be a powerful force for change and an important means of communication in our increasingly interconnected world. As Trust iCON continues to push the boundaries of what street art can be, his impact on both the art world and society is sure to grow even stronger. By using his talent and creativity to challenge the status quo and inspire thought and reflection, he is showing that art has the power to change the way we see the world and to make a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those who encounter it. Trust iCON's ongoing dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to using art as a means of expression and communication make him a truly iconic figure in the world of graffiti and street art.
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