Vance Kelly

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Vance Kelly

Vance Kelly is a talented artist and graphic designer, best known for his work in the entertainment industry, specifically creating artwork for movie posters, album covers, and various merchandise. He has a unique and easily recognizable style that often combines bold colors, intricate linework, and a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. Kelly has created pieces for a wide range of clients, including musicians, film studios, and various pop culture events. Some of his most notable works include posters for movies like "The Revenant," "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "Jaws," as well as album covers for bands like The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age. His work often features elements of pop culture and pays homage to classic horror and science fiction films, making him a popular choice for projects within those genres. Kelly's distinctive style and attention to detail have garnered him a large fan base and made him a sought-after artist in the entertainment world.

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