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  • Night of the Falling Flowers Untitled Serigraph Print by Yaacov Agam Night of the Falling Flowers Untitled Serigraph Print by Yaacov Agam

    Yaacov Agam Night of the Falling Flowers Untitled Serigraph Print by Yaacov Agam

    Night of the Falling Flowers- Untitled Limited Edition Hand Pulled Serigraph Print on Fine Art Paper by Artist Yaacov Agam Neo Modern Pop Art. 1990 Signed & Numbered Framed Limited Edition of 200 Artwork Size 23.5x24.5 Not examined out of frame. Matted and framed under acrylic. Framed Dimensions 36.25 X 35 Inches


Yaacov Agam

Yaacov Agam (born May 11, 1928) is an Israeli artist best known for his pioneering work in kinetic and optical art. Born Yaacov Gibstein in Rishon LeZion, then part of Mandatory Palestine, Agam studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and later at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was influenced by the teachings of the Bauhaus movement. Agam's work is characterized by his exploration of movement, perception, and the viewer's participation. He creates art that changes depending on the viewer's position, often using lenticular printing, moving parts, or multiple layers to create this effect. His signature style, known as "Agamographs," involves a series of printed images that change when viewed from different angles. Throughout his career, Agam has created numerous public installations, sculptures, and paintings. Some of his most notable works include the "Agam Fountain" in the La Défense district of Paris, the "Fire and Water Fountain" in Tel Aviv, and the "Hanukkah Menorah" at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City. Yaacov Agam has been widely recognized for his contributions to contemporary art, and his work can be found in prestigious museums and private collections around the world. Yaacov Agam's innovative approach to art has earned him a prominent place in the history of modern art. His groundbreaking techniques have influenced and inspired subsequent generations of artists. Agam's work in kinetic and optical art has played a pivotal role in the development of these genres, and his artistic philosophy focuses on the dynamic relationship between the artwork and the viewer. Agam's artistic career has spanned multiple decades, and his work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide. Major retrospectives of his work have been held at institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In addition to his contributions to kinetic and optical art, Agam has been involved in various other artistic projects. He has experimented with interactive art, creating works that require the viewer's physical interaction to reveal their full potential. One example is the "Agam Torah," a one-of-a-kind illustrated Torah scroll that incorporates Agam's unique style and techniques. Agam has also been commissioned to create artwork for various religious institutions, including synagogues and churches. His work often reflects his Jewish heritage and incorporates Jewish themes and symbolism. Yaacov Agam's diverse and innovative body of work has not only expanded the boundaries of artistic expression but has also had a lasting impact on the art world.

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