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  • Run Homie Yellow Simpsons Sculpture by Yubi Nikola Run Homie Yellow Simpsons Sculpture by Yubi Nikola

    Yubi Nikola Run Homie Yellow Simpsons Sculpture by Yubi Nikola

    Run Homie Yellow Limited Run Resin Optical Illusion Kinetic Sculpture Artwork by Pop Artist Yubi Nikola. 2022 Limited Edition of Under 50 10x10x6.5 As You View The Artwork From Different Angles It Morphs In Appearance Using Depth. Run Homie is the first in The Weapons collection. A play on The Simpsons and my Mac-10 combination. Run Homie is hand-sculpted and cast in resin finished in a Simpson's yellow flat automotive paint. All packed in a very nice custom hardcase.


Yubi Nikola

ubi Nikola is a renowned pop culture sculptor artist known for his exquisite and unique creations that celebrate and pay homage to the world of popular culture. Yubi has gained a reputation for his ability to bring his sculptures to life, capturing the essence of the characters he creates with an unparalleled level of realism and detail. His work has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries around the world, and he has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands in the industry, including Disney, Marvel, and Nintendo. Yubi's dedication to his craft is evident in the time and effort he puts into each of his pieces, which can take weeks or even months to complete. He works tirelessly to ensure that every detail, from the texture of the clothing to the expressions on the faces of his sculptures, is perfect. Despite his success, Yubi remains humble and grounded, always striving to improve his craft and bring joy to his fans through his art. His work has inspired and captivated audiences around the world, earning him a place among the most celebrated pop culture sculptors of his era.

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