ZERO Skateboards

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ZERO Skateboards is a skateboarding company founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas. The company has gained a lot of popularity over the years, especially among skateboarders, and has become a popular subject in graffiti art and pop art. In graffiti art, ZERO Skateboards' logo has been seen in many urban environments, spray-painted on walls, fences, and other surfaces. The logo, which features a skull with a cross through it, has become a recognizable symbol in the skateboarding world and has been adopted by many graffiti artists as a way to express their love for skateboarding and their admiration for the brand. In pop art, ZERO Skateboards has been featured in many works of art that celebrate the company's impact on skateboarding culture. Pop artists often use bright colors, bold lines, and bold patterns to create visually striking images that capture the energy and excitement of skateboarding. They may also incorporate elements of street art and graffiti into their work, using stencils, spray paint, and other techniques to create a sense of urban grit and authenticity. ZERO Skateboards has had a significant impact on both graffiti art and pop art. Its logo has become a ubiquitous symbol in the skateboarding world, and its influence has spread to the broader culture through the works of artists who celebrate its legacy.

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