Royal Selangor Be@rbricks Shining Investment Opportunity

Royal Selangor Be@rbricks Shining Investment Opportunity

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Royal Selangor Be@rbricks: A Shining Opportunity for Investment

A Brief History of Royal Selangor and Medicom Toy Corporation

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Royal Selangor: The Malaysian Royal Touch

In the ever-growing world of collectibles, there are few items that can truly combine art, culture, and investment potential like Royal Selangor Be@rbricks. These limited-edition pewter art toys are born out of a collaboration between two iconic brands: Royal Selangor and Medicom Toy Corporation. In this article, we will explore the history of these exquisite collectibles, their unique features, and how they can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. Established in 1885, Royal Selangor is a Malaysian company recognized globally for its exquisite craftsmanship in pewter products. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, the brand has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and artistic excellence. Royal Selangor's dedication to perfection is reflected in its vast range of products, including homeware, personal accessories, and collectibles.

Medicom Toy Corporation: A Japanese Pioneer

Founded in 1996, Medicom Toy Corporation is a Japanese toy manufacturer known for producing high-quality and innovative art toys, action figures, and collectibles. One of their most iconic creations, the Be@rbrick, was introduced in 2001. These unique bear-shaped figures, made from ABS plastic, have captivated the hearts of collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide, with collaborations featuring prominent artists, brands, and celebrities.

Royal Selangor Steampunk Iron Bright 400% Bearbrick Be@rbrick

The Fusion of Two Icons: Royal Selangor Be@rbricks

The Birth of a Collectible Icon

The collaboration between Royal Selangor and Medicom Toy Corporation began in 2016, creating a unique series of Be@rbricks crafted from pewter – a first in the Be@rbrick's history. This fusion of Malaysian craftsmanship and Japanese innovation resulted in a luxurious and exclusive line of collectibles that quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts and investors alike.


Unique Design and Artistry

The Royal Selangor Be@rbricks stand out due to their intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from pewter, showcasing the unparalleled artistry of Royal Selangor's artisans. The designs often feature intricate patterns and motifs inspired by nature, culture, and various art movements. In addition to the regular series, Royal Selangor has also released limited-edition Be@rbricks, often in collaboration with famous artists or designers. These unique collectibles are highly sought after and have been known to appreciate in value over time.

Limited Editions: The Key to Investment Potential

The rarity of Royal Selangor Be@rbricks is a significant factor in their investment potential. These figures are released in limited quantities, with some editions limited to only a few hundred pieces worldwide. This scarcity creates a sense of exclusivity and drives up their value in the secondary market.

Royal Selangor Steampunk 400% Bearbrick Be@rbrick

Investing in Royal Selangor Be@rbricks

Long-Term Value Appreciation

While investing in collectibles can be unpredictable, Royal Selangor Be@rbricks have shown a consistent growth in value over time. Due to their limited production numbers, collaborations with renowned artists, and the exceptional quality of craftsmanship, these pewter art toys have become highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Diversification of Investment Portfolio

    Adding Royal Selangor Be@rbricks to your investment portfolio can provide diversification, which is essential in managing risk. As an alternative investment, these collectibles can act as a hedge against traditional financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, especially during times of market volatility.

    Popularity and Global Recognition

      The popularity of Be@rbricks, combined with the esteemed reputation of Royal Selangor, has resulted in a strong global following. This widespread recognition can contribute to the steady appreciation of these collectibles, as collectors and investors from around the world compete to acquire these rare pieces.

      Tips for Investing in Royal Selangor Be@rbricks


        Before investing in any collectible, it is crucial to thoroughly research the item. Familiarize yourself with the various editions, collaborations, and release dates of Royal Selangor Be@rbricks to make informed decisions.

        Condition and Authenticity

          Ensure that the Be@rbrick is in excellent condition and verify its authenticity. Royal Selangor Be@rbricks come with a certificate of authenticity, which is essential for resale purposes. Purchase Royal Selangor Be@rbricks from reliable sources, such as This will minimize the risk of acquiring counterfeit items.

          Long-term Investment Approach

          Approach your investment in Royal Selangor Be@rbricks with a long-term perspective. Like any collectible, their value may not increase rapidly in the short term. However, as they continue to grow in popularity and rarity, their value has the potential to appreciate significantly over time.Keep yourself updated on news and developments related to Royal Selangor Be@rbricks, including new releases, collaborations, or auctions. By staying informed, you can make better decisions about when to buy, hold, or sell your collectibles. 

          Royal Selangor Be@rbricks represent a unique fusion of two iconic brands, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. As collectible investments, these limited-edition pewter art toys have shown potential for long-term value appreciation. By conducting thorough research, buying from reputable sources, and adopting a long-term investment approach, you can increase the likelihood of a successful investment in these luxurious and exclusive collectibles.

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