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  • Passing Through Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Passing Through Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Kaws- Brian Donnelly Passing Through Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Passing Through Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2022 Signed/Stamped Foot Limited Edition of 250 Artwork Size 1.8x 4.3x 2.8 Kaws AllRightsReserved 20th Anniversary Series BFF Bronze Metal Sculpture Figure. KAWS' "Passing Through" - A Sculptural Ode to Resonance The "Passing Through Bronze Figure Sculpture" is a significant piece in the pantheon of Brian Donnelly's, popularly known as KAWS, body of work. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of his collaborative efforts with AllRightsReserved (ARR), this sculpture embodies the essence of KAWS' artistry while marking an important milestone in the progression of street pop and graffiti artwork. The piece, sized at 1.8 x 4.3 x 2.8 inches, represents a key theme in KAWS' work: the universal experience of navigating life's myriad paths. This sculpture is particularly poignant, capturing a moment of introspection, a theme that runs deep in KAWS' street pop art. With its hands covering its face, the character is both a witness and a participant over time, embodying the shared human emotions of contemplation and withdrawal. The limited edition nature of the work, with only 250 signed and stamped pieces available, adds an element of exclusivity to this reflective narrative. Street Pop Art Evolves: KAWS' Signature Approach Brian Donnelly, a New Jersey native, began his career as a graffiti artist. His evolution from the streets to esteemed galleries worldwide is a compelling tale of artistic growth and acceptance of street art in the formal art world. KAWS' work is at once a continuation and a departure from his early graffiti, maintaining the raw emotional connectivity of street art while embracing the permanence and historical weight of sculpture. His pieces, particularly the "Passing Through" sculpture, are a testament to the layered complexity that street pop art can achieve. The adoption of bronze as the medium for this sculpture is especially significant. Traditionally associated with classical and commemorative art, KAWS' use of bronze to depict a modern, cartoon-like figure challenges preconceptions about materials and their hierarchical status in the art world. This choice signifies a bold assertion of street pop art's place in the narrative of fine art, proving that the value of art lies in its ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level, regardless of its form. Two Decades with ARR: A Partnership that Transformed Pop Art The collaboration between KAWS and AllRightsReserved is nothing short of historic within the context of contemporary art. Since their first partnership in 2010, the duo has catapulted street pop art into the global consciousness. ARR's expertise in production and distribution has enabled KAWS' artwork to reach a broader audience, allowing his distinctive style and characters to become cultural icons. The "Passing Through" sculpture is a beacon of this partnership's success, showcasing ARR's commitment to maintaining the integrity and vision of KAWS' designs. It celebrates the fusion of street art's immediacy and the timeless nature of sculpture, offering a physical testament to the enduring collaboration between artist and producer. This series commemorates their shared history and signifies their joint commitment to propelling street pop art forward. KAWS' Global Impact on Street Pop and Graffiti Art The influence of KAWS on street pop and graffiti artwork extends far beyond his sculptures. His art has permeated the fabric of urban culture, elevating characters and themes from the street to an international stage. The "Passing Through" sculpture encapsulates the essence of KAWS' impact: the transformation of graffiti motifs into objects of fine art. Through his work, KAWS has fostered a dialogue between the street and the gallery, encouraging a reassessment of the artistic value of street-inspired creations. KAWS' approach—marked by an emphasis on emotional resonance and a distinctive visual language—has carved a niche in art history. His work, including the "Passing Through" series, catalyzes change, pushing the boundaries of street pop art and ensuring its place in modern and contemporary art discourse. With every sculpture, KAWS writes a new chapter in the story of street art that respects its origins while boldly charting its future.


  • Still Moment Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Still Moment Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Kaws- Brian Donnelly Still Moment Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2022 Signed/Stamped Foot Limited Edition of 250 Artwork Size 3.5" x 3.3" x 4.3" Kaws AllRightsReserved 20th Anniversary Series BFF Bronze Metal Sculpture Figure. The Visionary Art of KAWS: "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" by KAWS, real name Brian Donnelly, unveils a profound synthesis of street pop and fine art. Commemorating the 20th anniversary of KAWS's partnership with AllRightsReserved (ARR), this sculpture epitomizes the artist's ascent from subversive street art origins to the pinnacles of the contemporary art world. Cast in bronze, a medium rich with historical connotations, the figure is a limited edition piece standing 3.5" x 3.3" x 4.3", marking a significant point in the artist's career and the timeline of pop art and graffiti artwork. This collectible piece intertwines the playful nature of KAWS's BFF series with the gravitas of fine sculpture. It possesses a duality, embodying the accessible aesthetics of street art while simultaneously exuding the exclusivity of high art through its limited edition release. Each sculpture, signed and stamped on the foot, signifies a tangible piece of the artist's legacy, a keepsake for those wishing to own a fragment of art history. KAWS: Blurring Lines Between Art Forms Brian Donnelly, hailing from the United States, has made an indelible impact on the art world as KAWS. His journey from graffiti tags to globally recognized artworks is a narrative of cultural shift and acceptance. With roots firmly planted in the subcultures of New York City, KAWS has elevated street art to new heights, utilizing it as a conduit to explore, challenge, and redefine notions of value and permanence in art. The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" reflects this challenge by bringing street pop art into the realm of fine art collectibles. In adopting bronze, KAWS elevates the status of his BFF character from the transient world of street art to that of enduring art, reserved throughout history for the most esteemed subjects. This sculpture thus becomes a commentary on the democratization of art, making KAWS a central figure in the conversation about the blurring lines between different artistic disciplines. Legacy of KAWS and ARR's Collaboration The alliance between KAWS and AllRightsReserved is a testament to the power of collaborative spirit in the evolution of art. Since their initial union in 2010, ARR has been pivotal in amplifying KAWS's vision, crafting his characters into sculptures that resonate with a global audience, and forging a legacy within street pop art and the broader art market. This 20th-anniversary bronze figure symbolizes the longevity and success of their partnership and the growth of graffiti artwork from urban environments to prestigious collections. Each limited edition of the series stands as a landmark of this progressive journey, blending street culture with artistic heritage and expanding the reach of street pop art into the future. KAWS's Sculpture: A Cultural Beacon The influence of KAWS on the trajectory of street pop art and graffiti artwork is undeniable. His work has been pivotal in elevating the perception of street art, granting it a voice and stature on par with traditional art forms. The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" is a cultural beacon, illuminating KAWS's unique position as a bridge between communities, cultures, and art forms. As each sculpture from the 20th Anniversary Series sits poised between street art and fine art, they collectively celebrate KAWS's role as an innovator and iconoclast. These pieces mark a personal milestone for the artist and represent the ongoing dialogue and fusion between street pop art and the established art world. Through the hands of Brian Donnelly, street pop art has found a new form of expression that continues to challenge, engage, and inspire.


  • Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Kaws- Brian Donnelly Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2022 Signed/Stamped Foot Limited Edition of 250 Artwork Size 2.8x6.9 Kaws AllRightsReserved 20th Anniversary Series BFF Bronze Metal Sculpture Figure. A Celebratory Fusion of Street Pop Art and Fine Sculpture Marking two decades of artistic collaboration and cultural influence, KAWS, the pseudonym of American artist Brian Donnelly, and AllRightsReserved (ARR) present a stunning homage to contemporary street pop art with the release of the "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary" series. This highly anticipated edition features KAWS' signature character, the BFF, reimagined in a limited edition bronze metal sculpture. The art piece is a testament to KAWS' evolution from a graffiti artist tagging the streets of New York to an internationally recognized icon in contemporary art. The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" is uniquely positioned in KAWS' oeuvre. It encapsulates the essence of his early graffiti work while elevating it to the heights of fine art through bronze, a material traditionally associated with classical sculpture. This piece, sized at a compact 6.9" x 2.8" x 4.3", captures the intricate design and aesthetic nuances quintessential to KAWS' art. The limited edition of 250 pieces signifies an exclusive opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts of street pop art to own a piece of history that represents two decades of relentless innovation and creative partnership between KAWS and ARR. KAWS' Journey from Graffiti to Galleries Brian Donnelly's journey began in the streets of Jersey City and Manhattan, where he gained recognition under the moniker KAWS. His interventions in advertisements, transforming mainstream imagery into thought-provoking pieces, quickly turned heads and laid the groundwork for his rise in the art world. His ability to traverse the porous borders between commercial and fine art while injecting emotional depth into his cartoon-inspired figures has made him a household name in street pop art and graffiti artwork. This limited edition sculpture embodies the emotional resonance that KAWS infuses into his characters. With its exaggerated features and crossed-out eyes, the figure conveys a sense of melancholy and introspection, themes often explored in KAWS' work. By crafting this piece in bronze, a material that ages and evolves with time, KAWS invites contemplation on the permanence of art in contrast to the transient nature of street art, thereby enriching the dialogue between these two art forms. The Significance of the BFF in KAWS' Artistry The BFF character is one of KAWS' most beloved and recognizable creations, first appearing in his work in the early 2000s. It symbolizes companionship and vulnerability, characteristics that resonate with a broad audience and reflect the artist's introspective approach to his work. The transition of BFF from vinyl toys and large-scale inflatables to a bronze sculpture indicates KAWS' fluidity as an artist and his comfort with exploring different mediums. This adaptability and willingness to experiment have kept his work relevant and captivating over the years. This 20th-anniversary release celebrates the artist and ARR's partnership and the enduring appeal of the BFF figure. It is a reminder of street pop art's profound connection with its audience, often touching on universal emotions and experiences. The limited edition "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" serves as a physical and symbolic nexus where the tactile nature of sculpture meets the visually impactful essence of street pop art. Legacy and Impact of KAWS' Street Pop Art As KAWS continues to captivate audiences worldwide, his work serves as a bridge between various artistic disciplines. The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary" series is emblematic of KAWS' distinctive style, one that seamlessly blends commercial design, street art sensibilities, and acceptable art practices. This piece is a significant milestone in KAWS' career and the evolution of street pop art as a legitimate and influential art form. By creating a limited edition series signed and stamped on the foot, KAWS emphasizes the authenticity and exclusivity of the work. This meticulous attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship have established KAWS as a luminary in the field. The "Seeing Bronze Figure Sculpture" is not merely an art object; it is a narrative of persistence, a celebration of the cultural tapestry that KAWS has woven through his art, and a beacon for the future of street pop art and graffiti artwork. In bringing this sculpture to the public, KAWS and ARR are commemorating a milestone and setting the stage for the future of art where boundaries are blurred and genres are fused. This limited edition work encapsulates the spirit of innovation and the heartfelt storytelling that KAWS is renowned for, ensuring that his influence on street pop art and graffiti artwork will be felt for years.


  • Good Morning Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Good Morning Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Kaws- Brian Donnelly Good Morning Bronze Figure Sculpture by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Good Morning Bronze Figure Sculpture 20th Anniversary by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2022 Signed/Stamped Foot Limited Edition of 250 Artwork Size 1.6" x 6" x 2.4" Kaws AllRightsReserved 20th Anniversary Series BFF Bronze Metal Sculpture Figure. The "Good Morning" Series: Celebrating Two Decades of KAWS The "Good Morning Bronze Figure Sculpture" marks a momentous occasion in the journey of renowned artist Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS. This limited edition piece, part of the 20th Anniversary series with AllRightsReserved (ARR), captures the essence of the artist's transition from the streets to the echelons of fine art. The piece is a modestly sized sculpture, measuring 1.6" x 6" x 2.4", yet its significance looms large in the landscape of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Cast in the timeless medium of bronze, this work symbolizes the enduring relationship between KAWS and ARR. This relationship has been pivotal in bringing the unique language of street art into the realm of high culture. This sculpture continues KAWS' tradition of engaging with themes of vulnerability and humanity through disarmingly simple yet emotionally profound figures. The figure's posture, reminiscent of a waking stretch, conveys a universality that transcends cultural barriers, speaking to the daily ritual of greeting a new day. The piece's compactness belies its conceptual depth, encapsulating the artist's ability to convey rich narratives within the constraints of a small form factor. Each sculpture's signed and stamped foot is a mark of authenticity, a signature feature that has become as much a part of KAWS' works as the crossed-out eyes of his characters. KAWS' Artistic Odyssey: From Tags to Bronze Brian Donnelly's evolution from a street artist tagging subways in New Jersey to a contemporary art luminary has been nothing short of extraordinary. His early work, characterized by subversive takes on commercial icons and a penchant for the appropriation of familiar visuals, laid the groundwork for an aesthetic that would become instantly recognizable. His move into the world of fine art, marked by his partnership with ARR, has been characterized by a blending of street art sensibility with the gravitas of traditional sculpture. The creation of bronze figures such as those in the "Good Morning" series is a testament to the fluidity of KAWS' artistic endeavors. Once ephemeral creations on city walls, his figures have been immortalized in a medium that has carried artists' work across millennia. This transition from temporary to permanent reflects KAWS' stature in the art world, where his creations now command the same respect as those of classical sculptors. It is a bold statement about the legitimacy of street pop art and graffiti artwork in the contemporary art dialogue, as these genres continue to influence and be influenced by traditional art forms. The Role of ARR in Bringing KAWS' Vision to Life The collaboration with AllRightsReserved has been instrumental in translating KAWS' vision into physical forms that can be appreciated in three dimensions. ARR's expertise in producing high-quality art objects has allowed KAWS to reach audiences far beyond the insular world of street art fans. The "Good Morning" series, limited to 250 sculptures, is a prime example of ARR's commitment to excellence and its role in amplifying the reach of KAWS' art. ARR's involvement in the production process ensures that each sculpture is a representation of KAWS' creative vision and an object of artisanal quality. The partnership is a harmonious fusion of KAWS' streetwise aesthetics and ARR's precision in execution, resulting in pieces that collectors and casual fans cherish. As they celebrate two decades of collaboration, the "Good Morning" series stands as a monument to their shared success and the boundless potential of their ongoing partnership. KAWS: A Pivotal Figure in Street Pop and Graffiti Art KAWS's influence on street pop art and graffiti artwork has been profound and far-reaching. His ability to oscillate between the raw energy of street art and the polished finish of gallery-ready pieces has cemented his position as a pivotal figure in both worlds. The "Good Morning" bronze sculptures embody the artist's knack for capturing the zeitgeist, translating the kinetic buzz of urban life into static forms that resonate with quiet emotion. As a limited edition series, the "Good Morning" sculptures are more than just art objects; they are milestones that mark the passage of an artist through the ever-evolving narrative of street pop art. They remind us that the lines between high art and street art are not just blurred—they are being redrawn by artists like KAWS, who dare to reimagine what art can be. With each signed and stamped sculpture, KAWS lays down another chapter in a story unfolding on city walls, in galleries, and now, in homes around the world, where the language of street art continues to speak volumes.


Kaws AllRightsReserved 20th Anniversary Series Graffiti Street Pop Artwork

KAWS and AllRightsReserved: A Milestone in Street Pop Art

As we look at the intersection of street pop art and fine art, the collaboration between Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS, and AllRightsReserved (ARR) stands out as a monumental chapter in this narrative. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, this partnership has yielded some of the most provocative and compelling works that have transcended the often rigid confines of art classification. These creations are not simply artworks; they are cultural touchstones that reflect street art's ethos while embodying fine art's craftsmanship and sophistication. It's a marriage of worlds, a collection that has punctuated the timeline of KAWS' career and the trajectory of street pop art on the global stage. This series commemorates two decades of artistic synergy and showcases the unmistakable figures that have become synonymous with KAWS' style. The characters that first took shape on city walls and bus stop advertisements have evolved into coveted sculptures, each imbued with the emotional depth and irony that are the hallmarks of KAWS' aesthetic. With its disarming simplicity and x-ed-out eyes, the BFF carries the resonance of street pop art's ability to communicate complex human feelings at a glance. Using materials like bronze in the 20th-anniversary series elevates the sculptures from ephemeral street sketches to enduring artifacts, forever capturing a moment in the evolution of graffiti artwork.

From Tagging to Galleries: The Evolution of KAWS

Brian Donnelly's journey symbolizes the evolution of street pop art itself. Emerging from the crucible of the early '90s New York graffiti scene, KAWS honed his craft in the crucible of urban street culture. His ability to repurpose commercial advertisements into satirical and contemplative art pieces quickly established his unique voice within the street art community. However, his transition to the gallery space and into the realm of fine art has marked him as a leading figure in the art world. His work speaks the language of graffiti artwork but does so with finesse and nuance that challenges and expands the boundaries of the genre. The impact of KAWS' work is magnified by its accessibility; his art is not confined to the white walls of galleries but proliferates in public spaces, merchandise, and now, through the ARR collaboration, into the homes of a wide demographic of admirers. His characters serve as vessels for exploring themes such as love, loneliness, and existential angst, offering a mirror to the human condition that is as reflective as any classical piece of art. The 20th-anniversary series is not just a celebration of longevity but a testament to the adaptability and cultural relevance of KAWS' artistry in the dynamic landscape of modern art.

The AllRightsReserved Collaboration: A Symbiotic Relationship

The collaboration with AllRightsReserved has been instrumental in bringing KAWS' visions into a tangible form. ARR has not just been a passive facilitator but an active participant in the creative process, understanding the ethos of KAWS' work and helping to translate his two-dimensional figures into three-dimensional forms that can be experienced on a sensory level. Their partnership has been pivotal in introducing the ethos of street pop art to new audiences and dismantling preconceived notions about the legitimacy of graffiti artwork in the process. The series produced by KAWS and ARR for their 20th anniversary reflects this symbiotic relationship. It is a collaborative endeavor that pays homage to the past two decades of shared artistic pursuit and looks forward to the future of their joint explorations. The BFF sculptures, realized in bronze, are sentinels to the power of collaboration in art. Each piece is an alloy of Donnelly's vision and ARR's commitment to excellence, capturing a shared legacy shaped by both entities equally.

KAWS' Influence on Street Pop and Graffiti Artwork

The influence of KAWS on the world of street pop and graffiti artwork cannot be overstated. Through his art, KAWS has questioned and expanded the very definitions of these genres, challenging the public and critics alike to see beyond the surface. His characters are not just figments of urban landscapes but have become icons of a subculture that defies easy categorization. They embody the spirit of rebellion at the heart of street art, yet they do so with a refinement and a universality that elevates them beyond their origins. The 20th-anniversary series with ARR crystallizes KAWS' impact on the art world. It is a confluence of artistic ambition and meticulous execution, a series that honors the past while continuously pushing the envelope of what street pop art can be. These sculptures are a testament to the evolution of an artist who began with spray paint and stencils and has now indelibly marked his place in the annals of art history with works in bronze.

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