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AJ Masthay is a renowned American artist who specializes in printmaking and illustration. He was born in 1974 in Stratford, Connecticut, and began his artistic journey at a young age, inspired by the underground comics and punk rock culture of the 1980s. Masthay attended the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where he studied printmaking and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

After graduation, Masthay worked as a freelance illustrator and designer, creating album covers and posters for various musical acts. In 2000, he co-founded the Masthay Studios print shop with his wife, Jen, where he began to focus on creating his own artwork. Over the years, Masthay has developed a unique style that blends traditional printmaking techniques with modern design and pop culture references.

Masthay is best known for his concert posters, which he has been creating since the early 2000s. He has designed posters for a wide range of musical acts, including The Rolling Stones, Phish, Pearl Jam, and The Black Keys. His posters are highly sought after by collectors and have been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the world.

In addition to his concert posters, Masthay has also created illustrations for magazines, book covers, and other commercial projects. He has exhibited his artwork in numerous solo and group shows, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum's "40 under 40: Craft Futures" exhibition in 2012.

Masthay's artwork is characterized by intricate line work, bold colors, and a strong sense of composition. He often draws inspiration from the natural world, incorporating images of animals and plants into his designs. He also references art history, literature, and mythology, creating pieces that are rich in symbolism and meaning.

Overall, AJ Masthay is a talented artist who has made a significant impact on the world of printmaking and illustration. His work is highly respected by collectors and peers alike, and he continues to push the boundaries of his craft with each new project.

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