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  • The Gang Is Here Charlie Akira Giclee Print by Raid71

    Raid71 The Gang Is Here Charlie Akira Giclee Print by Raid71

    The Gang Is Here Charlie- Akira Artwork Giclee Limited Edition Print on Fine Art Paper by Pop Culture Artist Raid71. 2022 Signed Limited Edition of 210 Artwork Size 5x5 Print


  • Sons of Anarchy AP Silkscreen Print by Raid71

    Raid71 Sons of Anarchy AP Silkscreen Print by Raid71

    Sons of Anarchy 2-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Raid71 Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. AP Artist Proof "Sons of Anarchy" Artwork by Chris Thornley (Raid71) Movie: Ghost Rider, Tron, Akira, Batman and Terminator


  • Akira Pill Ceramic Plate Art Object by Supreme Akira Pill Ceramic Plate Art Object by Supreme

    Supreme Akira Pill Ceramic Plate Art Object by Supreme

    Akira Pill Ceramic Plate Art Object by Supreme Limited Edition Collectors Dish Artwork. 2017 Stamped Limited Edition Supreme Ceramic Plate Artwork Size 10x10 Collectible Art Object. Unveiling the Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate: A Convergence of Street Pop Art and Collectible Design The Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate is a distinctive artifact within the collectible design and street pop art spheres. Launched as part of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, this limited edition piece exemplifies the harmonious blend of utilitarian objects and art pieces. The collaboration between Supreme and the AKIRA manga series transcends mere commercial intent, evolving into a collector's item that celebrates the aesthetics of both street culture and Japanese graphic art. The Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate, sized at 10x10 inches, is more than just a dish; it's a canvas that showcases the thrilling intersection of Supreme's bold sensibilities and AKIRA's striking manga artwork. Crafted from high-grade ceramic, the plate promises durability and an enduring visual appeal, making it suitable for functional and display purposes. The artwork, featuring a character mid-action as they consume a pill, is rendered in a stark black-and-white palette, bringing the dynamism and raw energy of the original manga panels to a static object. Accompanying the image is the phrase "THEY'RE JUST LIKE CANDY!" which adds a layer of narrative and intrigue to the piece. In this unique art object, the collaboration's spirit is palpable. The featured artwork captures the essence of the AKIRA series, while the incorporation of Supreme's logo recontextualizes the image within high-end street fashion. The choice to modify the Supreme logo and place it on the pill within the artwork speaks to the brand's knack for seamlessly integrating popular culture references within its products. This technique endears the piece not only to fans of the manga but also to followers of the Supreme brand, whose identity is cleverly woven into the narrative of the artwork. The underside of the plate is as much a part of the art as the top, displaying the classic Supreme Box logo in its original, vivid colors. This touch is a signature move by the brand, a nod to its roots in the skateboarding and streetwear scenes, and serves as a certificate of authenticity for collectors. The Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate is Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork The Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate is a testament to the evolving landscape of street pop art and graffiti artwork. It encapsulates what it means to be a piece of art in the modern age – functional yet provocative and steeped in the subculture. This plate isn't just merchandise; it's a slice of the street art narrative captured in glazed ceramic. The plate's design reflects the shared backgrounds of street art and graffiti – spontaneous, bold, and often provocative. Yet, it is refined through the lens of pop art, which takes the everyday object and elevates it to something extraordinary. The collaboration is symbolic of how street pop art often blurs the lines between commercial and high art, inviting discourse on the value and significance of art in everyday objects. As a piece of art, the Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate carries the legacy of its manga inspiration into new territories. It's a physical representation of the cultural impact of the AKIRA series on the world of graphic novels and the broader canvas of pop culture. For Supreme, this plate adds to its repertoire of items that are at once contemporary and timeless, pieces that resonate with the cultural zeitgeist while retaining a sense of exclusivity and collectibility. In street pop art and graffiti artwork, objects like the Supreme AKIRA Pill Ceramic Plate challenge traditional notions of what art can be. They bring the vibrancy and edginess of street art into homes, merging with the functional aspects of everyday objects. This plate is not just a practical dish; it's a conversation starter, a piece of cultural commentary, and a collectible artwork all rolled into one, capturing street pop art's innovative and transformative spirit.


  • Akira Syringe Ceramic Plate Tray Art Object by Supreme Akira Syringe Ceramic Plate Tray Art Object by Supreme

    Supreme Akira Syringe Ceramic Plate Tray Art Object by Supreme

    Akira Syringe Ceramic Plate Tray Art Object by Supreme Limited Edition Collectors Dish Artwork. 2017 Stamped Limited Edition Supreme Ceramic Tray Plate Artwork Size 11.25x4.25 Collectible Art Object. Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray: A Cult Classic Revived in Porcelain The Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray stands as a cultural artifact that weaves together the rawness of street pop art with the meticulous detail of manga illustrations. Released as a highly anticipated part of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, this limited-edition tray encapsulates the edgy essence of the Supreme brand while paying homage to the trailblazing Japanese manga AKIRA. Crafted with precision, the white ceramic tray is a testament to the enduring influence of the manga series and the ingenious adaptability of Supreme's streetwear aesthetic. The tray, measuring 11.25 inches by 4.25 inches, is a canvas that brings the stark black-and-white world of AKIRA's neo-Tokyo into the tangible realm. It features an intense scene directly lifted from the pages of the manga, depicting the characters Kaneda and Tetsuo in a moment fraught with tension, where Tetsuo is administered an injection. This scene is a pivotal point in the AKIRA series and a snapshot of the intricate and action-packed storytelling that has captivated fans for decades. Ceramic Artistry Meets Iconic Graphic Storytelling The synergy of Supreme's branding and AKIRA's graphic artwork on the Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray is a striking example of how street pop art can merge with other media to create something new yet familiar. Supreme's subtle insertion of its name onto the syringe in the artwork exhibits a clever interplay between brand identity and narrative imagery. This detail, while minor, is a deliberate nod to the collaborative nature of the piece and signifies a merging of worlds that both Supreme and AKIRA fans can appreciate. Beneath the tray lies the iconic Supreme box logo, a signature that asserts the item's authenticity and ties it back to the lineage of Supreme's previous collectible items. This emblem, juxtaposed with the manga artwork, bridges the cultural zeitgeist of modern streetwear with the classic artistry of Japanese manga. The logo's presence is a pledge of quality and a symbol that resonates with collectors who understand the worth of limited-edition street pop art. Impact and Collectibility of the Supreme AKIRA Syringe Tray The Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray is more than a mere decorative piece; it's a slice of pop culture history molded from ceramic. The decision to immortalize this particular manga scene in the form of a high-quality tray demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the collector's mindset—it is not merely the object of value but the convergence of art, narrative, and brand that makes it a treasure. As a collectible, the tray commands attention, serving as a focal point that ignites conversations about street pop art, its intersections with other forms of media, and the very nature of contemporary collectibles. In street pop art and graffiti artwork, objects like the Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray underscore the potential of everyday items to serve as canvases for storytelling and artistry. The striking depiction of Kaneda and Tetsuo is a visual narrative frozen in porcelain, lending the tray a dynamism often associated with street art's immediacy and graffiti's transgressive vibrancy. Yet, the ceramic medium's permanence and the AKIRA storyline's timeless allure elevate this tray beyond the brief, cementing its status as a coveted piece of art. A Fusion of Art Forms for the Contemporary Collector Collectors and fans of manga and streetwear find an object that encapsulates the essence of both worlds in the Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray. The harmonious fusion of Supreme's street-savvy branding with AKIRA's arresting visuals positions this tray as an emblematic piece within the collector's milieu. As a functional item, it stands ready to serve; as an artwork, it demands to be contemplated. The Supreme AKIRA Syringe Ceramic Tray is a testament to the power of collaboration between brands and artists and a mirror reflecting the state of street pop art and graffiti artwork today—an ever-evolving, always surprising, and unapologetically bold field.


  • Akira Foil Silkscreen Print by Craig Drake

    Craig Drake Akira Foil Silkscreen Print by Craig Drake

    Akira- Foil Limited Edition 3-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on Foil Paper Sheet by Craig Drake Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. Inspired by Akira Anime Japan Cartoon Screen Print on Foil Variant Edition of 75 Approximately 36" x 12"


Akira Graffiti Street Pop Artwork

AKIRA: Pioneering the Integration of Japanese Manga into Street Pop Art and Graffiti

AKIRA, a seminal work in the world of manga, has transcended its original medium to become an influential icon in street pop art and graffiti. Created by Katsuhiro Otomo, AKIRA first appeared as a serial from 1982 to 1990 and was pivotal in introducing the intricacies of Japanese animation and storytelling to the Western world. The narrative, set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, is rich with themes of power, corruption, and survival, underpinned by deeply human stories of friendship, betrayal, and the struggle against the status quo. The powerful imagery of the manga, with its explosive action and chaotic energy, has captured the imagination of artists and rebels, resonating with the undercurrents of street art and graffiti culture. AKIRA's visuals are characterized by their intense kinetic energy and intricate detail, elements that have inspired artists across the globe. The manga's influence permeates through various forms of street pop art, where the lines, forms, and motifs find a new canvas on city walls, in alleyways, and on the surfaces of urban structures. Graffiti artists often borrow from AKIRA's dystopian themes and visual language to comment on societal issues, creating artwork that speaks to the chaotic nature of modern urban life. The series' bold lines and dramatic shading techniques have become a staple in the toolkit of many street artists, who adapt the dynamic aesthetic to suit their own narratives and styles.

AKIRA's Impact on the Visual Language of Modern Artistic Expression

The impact of AKIRA on the visual language of modern artistic expression is undeniable. It has provided a blueprint for combining narrative depth with visual spectacle, influencing a wide array of artists beyond the realm of manga enthusiasts. The character designs, with their exaggerated expressions and movements, align with the characteristics of street pop art, which often amplifies reality to provoke thought or evoke emotion. The sprawling cityscapes of Neo-Tokyo, a central element of the AKIRA universe, have become a symbol of the futuristic and often grim predictions of urban development, mirroring the environments that street art seeks to reclaim and beautify. In graffiti artwork, AKIRA's influence is often seen in the portrayal of power struggles and the fight against oppressive forces, themes that echo the countercultural and anti-establishment roots of graffiti itself. The narrative's exploration of the explosive potential within each individual has inspired graffiti pieces that embody the spirit of rebellion and the desire for self-expression. The apocalyptic and revolutionary tones of AKIRA's story lend themselves to the transient nature of graffiti, where each work is an act of defiance, a fleeting moment of beauty, or a stark commentary destined to be covered up by the next layer of paint.

Cultural Crossovers and Artistic Celebrations of AKIRA

As a cultural phenomenon, AKIRA has been celebrated and referenced in various art forms, including music videos, clothing lines, and even as thematic inspiration for parties and events. The unique blend of cyberpunk elements with traditional Japanese storytelling has created a visual and thematic style that is instantly recognizable. This has made AKIRA particularly appealing to artists and creators who seek to blend cultural elements to produce something new and relevant. Streetwear brands have capitalized on the cult status of AKIRA, releasing clothing and accessories that feature iconic scenes and characters from the manga, further cementing its place in the street pop art lexicon. The legacy of AKIRA as a source of inspiration for street pop art and graffiti artwork is a testament to its enduring appeal and the versatility of its visual language. The manga has not only stood the test of time; it has become a foundational text for those who seek to understand the fusion of art, storytelling, and rebellion. It provides a wellspring of inspiration for those who wish to challenge the norm, to create art that is as impactful and thought-provoking as the sprawling epic of AKIRA itself. As street art and graffiti continue to evolve, the influence of AKIRA is likely to persist, reminding us of the power of visual storytelling and the unyielding human spirit it represents.

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