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Alexis Price is a contemporary artist based in Philadelphia, USA. She is known for her vibrant and surreal oil paintings, which often feature bizarre, otherworldly creatures and dreamlike landscapes. Price was born in 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and studied painting and printmaking at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where she earned a BFA in 2006. She later obtained an MFA in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011. Throughout her career, Price has explored a variety of themes and styles, ranging from abstract expressionism to pop surrealism. Her work often reflects her interest in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as her fascination with the human psyche and the mysteries of the natural world. One of Price's most distinctive features as an artist is her use of color. Her paintings are characterized by bold, vivid hues that seem to glow with an inner light. She often uses these colors to create a sense of depth and atmosphere in her work, as well as to convey emotional and psychological states. In addition to her painting, Price is also an accomplished printmaker, and has created a number of screenprints and etchings over the course of her career. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows throughout the United States, and has been featured in a number of publications and online galleries. Alexis Price is an artist who pushes the boundaries of traditional painting, creating vivid and surreal works that transport viewers to strange and wondrous realms. Her unique vision and technical skill have earned her a dedicated following among art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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