Angela Fang Zirbes

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  • Tending the Garden PP Archival Print by Angela Fang Zirbes

    Angela Fang Zirbes Tending the Garden PP Archival Print by Angela Fang Zirbes

    Tending the Garden PP Archival Print by Angela Fang Zirbes Limited Edition on Moab Entrada Fine Art Paper Pop Graffiti Street Art Artist Modern Artwork. PP Printers Proof 2023 Signed & Marked PP Print Limited Edition Artwork Size 12x15 Archival Pigment Fine Art of A Woman In Underwear PUlling Weeds IN Carden Made Up Of Monsters & Creatures


Angela Fang Zirbes
Angela Fang Zirbes is a renowned figure in the realm of pop art, with her work often resonating with the energy of street art and graffiti. Born and raised in the buzzing urban hub of New York City, she developed an early affinity for the vibrant streets and their energetic expressions of art. Her immersion in this rich culture shaped her aesthetic sensibilities and influenced her to adopt a unique artistic style that marries the whimsicality of pop art with the raw vitality of graffiti. Zirbes' art is characterized by bold color palettes and a dynamic fusion of images, often drawing on iconic cultural symbols. She ingeniously uses these elements to comment on contemporary societal norms and behaviors, presenting her audience with a mirror that reflects the paradoxes of our time. Furthermore, her art is not confined to traditional galleries; her large-scale murals have become urban landmarks, transforming cityscapes with an injection of color and provocation. Angela's work doesn't only speak to the streets of New York; she has gained international recognition for her powerful and thought-provoking pieces. From Paris to Tokyo, her art has transcended cultural boundaries, fostering dialogues on common human experiences and societal issues. As a pop artist, Zirbes skillfully plays with cultural references, weaving them into the fabric of her pieces to offer a fresh perspective on the familiar. As a street artist, she reclaims public spaces, turning them into forums for artistic expression and social commentary. Undoubtedly, Angela Fang Zirbes has established a significant position in contemporary pop and street art. Her work continues to challenge, delight, and inspire, creating an indelible mark on both the artistic and social landscapes of the cities she touches with her art.

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