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  • Lagos Original Street Sign Spray Painting by Atomik

    Atomik Lagos Original Street Sign Spray Painting by Atomik

    Purchase Lagos Original Street Sign Spray Painting by Atomik Mixed Media Modern Graffiti Paint Pop Art on Real Metal Ready To Hang. 2023 Signed Original Painting on Reclaimed Metal City Road Construction Sign Artwork Size 36x36 of Spray Painted Smiling Atomik Orange In the vibrant world of modern graffiti and pop art, Atomik emerges as a unique voice, creating pieces that resonate deeply with art aficionados and street art enthusiasts alike. His 2023 artwork, titled "Lagos," is a prime example of his genius. Made on a reclaimed metal city road construction sign, this piece is not just a painting but a marriage of art and urban elements. Measuring 36x36 inches, "Lagos" is an ode to the urban environment from which Atomik draws inspiration. The centerpiece, the spray-painted smiling Atomik Orange, is instantly recognizable and evokes a sense of familiarity, bridging the gap between the street and the art gallery. The backdrop, a real metal city road construction sign, adds layers of authenticity and rawness to the piece. Its weathered appearance, marked with signs of wear and age, tells a story of its own, setting a contrasting stage for the vibrant and playful Atomik Orange. This painting does more than just showcase Atomik's technical prowess with a spray can. It challenges the boundaries of traditional art forms, blurring the lines between graffiti, pop art, and found object art. By choosing a reclaimed metal sign as his canvas, Atomik comments on the transient nature of urban life and the ever-evolving face of cities. For those who appreciate art that speaks to contemporary issues while staying rooted in traditional techniques, "Lagos" is a testament to Atomik's ability to capture the zeitgeist of modern urban culture. It's not just a piece of art; it's a conversation starter, a narrative, and a reflection of the times we live in.


  • Rich People Shit Original Spray Paint Painting by Atomik

    Atomik Rich People Shit Original Spray Paint Painting by Atomik

    Purchase Rich People Shit Original Spray Paint Painting by Atomik One of a Kind Artwork on Canvas by Street Art Pop Artist. 2023 Signed Spray Paint Painting Original Massive Artwork Size 80x100 Small Cute To Right Area "Rich People Shit," an original spray paint painting by Atomik, represents an explosive convergence of pop art, street art, and graffiti art. Atomik, a Miami-based artist known for his vibrant orange, bold visuals and irreverent approach to societal norms, has once again pushed the boundaries with this work. Distinguished by its unflinching commentary on wealth disparity and consumer culture, the painting is awash with Atomik's characteristic bright colors, which serve to highlight its potent message. The title of the work, "Rich People Shit," directly conveys its subject matter. It teases apart the excesses and indulgences of the upper crust, showcasing Atomik's biting satire and his knack for stirring dialogue through his art. The narrative embedded within the painting brings to life the often surreal experiences and commodities associated with immense wealth, boldly questioning the societal structures that uphold such a lifestyle. As an amalgamation of pop art, street art, and graffiti art, "Rich People Shit" exhibits all the crucial elements of these genres. From the populist appeal and familiar imagery of pop art, the gritty spontaneity and defiance of street art, to the unconventional canvas and daring statements of graffiti art - Atomik deftly blends these into a powerful commentary. The artist's prolific use of spray paint not only anchors the piece firmly within the graffiti art tradition but also infuses it with a raw energy that lends an immediacy to its critique. This painting, through its vivid imagery and incisive commentary, has managed to spark a broad conversation about the societal implications of wealth and its distribution. Atomik's "Rich People Shit" remains a significant piece in the contemporary art scene, serving as a bright beacon of subversive thought in the crossroads of pop, street, and graffiti art.


  • Untitled III Original Acrylic Painting by Atomik

    Atomik Untitled III Original Acrylic Painting by Atomik

    Purchase Untitled III Original Acrylic Painting by Atomik One of a Kind Artwork on Canvas by Street Art Pop Artist. 2020 Signed Acrylic Painting Original Artwork Size 12x12 Smiling Atomik Orange Dated 2020, "Untitled III" stands as a shining example of Atomik's prowess in the realm of street and pop art. The original artwork, measuring a compact 12x12 inches, draws the viewer into its world through vibrant colors and unmistakable style. Crafted using acrylics on canvas, the painting displays the signature smiling Atomik Orange, a motif often associated with the artist. This signature element represents more than just a fruit; it is a symbol of the artist's connection to his hometown, Miami, and the city's iconic citrus history. Upon closer inspection, the intricate details and strokes in the painting reveal the artist's meticulous technique. The contrast of the bright orange against the calming blue backdrop brings forth a playful yet profound narrative, embodying the juxtaposition often found in street art—where vibrant murals spring to life against the muted urban landscapes. Atomik, with this piece, continues to showcase his ability to merge the worlds of street art and pop culture seamlessly. While the subject might appear simple at first glance, its execution, with layered tones and intricate detailing, speaks to the depth and complexity of the artist's vision. Collectors and aficionados of street art will instantly recognize the significance of this one-of-a-kind artwork. Not only does it capture Atomik's unique style and essence, but it also immortalizes a moment in time when art, culture, and history converge on a single canvas. "Untitled III" isn't just a painting; it's a narrative, a statement, and an experience unto itself.


  • Atomik Blue Tenacious Art Toy by Atomik Atomik Blue Tenacious Art Toy by Atomik

    Atomik Atomik Blue Tenacious Art Toy by Atomik

    Purchase Atomik- Blue Tenacious Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Atomik x UVD Toys. Atomik Orange is finally making the leap to vinyl! This 4″ vinyl figure designed by the Miami based street artist Atomik is presented in a 2-tone Tenacious Blue! Produced by UVD Toys!      Size: 4"     Artist: ATOMIK     Producer: UVD Toys     100 pieces made in Tenacious Exclusive "Brick-Ass Cold Edition" Blue


  • Untitled IV Blotter Paper Archival Print by Atomik

    Atomik Untitled IV Blotter Paper Archival Print by Atomik

    Purchase Untitled IV Limited Edition Fine Art Blotter Paper Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by Modern Pop Artist Atomik. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Archival Pigment Print on Perforated Blotter Paper Size: 7.5 x 7.5 Inches Release:  April 19, 2022 Limited blotter editions are hand-perforated by Zane Kesey.


  • Wood Block Atomik Orange PP Letterpress Print by Atomik

    Atomik Wood Block Atomik Orange PP Letterpress Print by Atomik

    Purchase Wood Block Atomik Orange PP Limited Edition 2-Color Hand Letterpress Print on Hand-Deckled Stonehenge Paper by Atomik x John English pop art graffiti famous artist art. 2021 PP Printers Proof Signed 22” x 30”, Stonehenge paper with deckled edges and Gamblin relief ink. Collaboration with John English x Adam Vargas. Regular Edition of 30 PP Printers Proof Edition of 4


Atomik - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Atomik is a street artist known for his distinctive style and use of vibrant colors in his murals and graffiti pieces. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Atomik began his art career in the early 90s, tagging walls and buildings around his neighborhood. Atomik's signature style is his use of a cartoonish character, a green-skinned figure wearing a hoodie and a beanie hat. The character appears in many of his works, often accompanied by Atomik's tag, which is spelled out in bold, bubble letters. Atomik's work is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, and his use of bright colors is a nod to the vibrant street art scene in Miami. Atomik's work can be seen on walls and buildings across the United States, as well as in several other countries. He has been commissioned to create murals and installations for various businesses and organizations, and his work has been featured in several art exhibitions and galleries. In addition to his street art, Atomik is also a talented illustrator and graphic designer. He has created artwork for album covers, clothing lines, and other commercial projects. Despite the illegality of graffiti, Atomik sees his work as a form of expression and a way to beautify neglected areas. He has said that his goal is to create art that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. Overall, Atomik is a talented and influential street artist who has left a lasting impression on the world of graffiti and urban art. His distinctive style and colorful characters have made him a beloved figure in the street art community, and his work continues to inspire new generations of artists.
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