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  • Overview Tokyo 100% & 400% Be@rbrick x Benjamin Grant Overview Tokyo 100% & 400% Be@rbrick x Benjamin Grant

    Benjamin Grant Overview Tokyo 100% & 400% Be@rbrick x Benjamin Grant

    Overview Tokyo 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK x Benjamin Grant Limited Edition Medicom x Benjamin Grant Vinyl Artwork Toy Collectable Art Figure. 2022 Benjamin Grant Bearbrick Medicom Collectible Size 100% & 400% 11.02" and 2.75" tall and feature an overview print of Tokyo from the amazing author Benjamin Grant.


Benjamin Grant - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Benjamin Grant is a talented artist who is best known for his stunning aerial photographs that capture the beauty and complexity of the world we live in. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1984, Grant attended Yale University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. After college, he worked in New York City as a brand strategist for several years before deciding to pursue his passion for photography. Grant's photography is characterized by its unique perspective. Instead of taking photographs from the ground level like most photographers, Grant captures images from high above using drones and helicopters. This allows him to capture stunning aerial views of landscapes, cities, and other natural and man-made environments. One of Grant's most famous projects is the "Overview" series, which features aerial images of various places around the world. The series began in 2013 and has since been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions around the world. Grant's photographs are not only visually stunning, but they also serve as a reminder of the impact that human beings have on the planet. In addition to his photography, Grant is also an advocate for environmental conservation. He believes that his work can inspire people to take action to protect the planet and its natural resources. He has partnered with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council to raise awareness about environmental issues. Grant's work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Guardian, among others. He has also exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Overall, Benjamin Grant is a talented artist whose unique perspective and passion for environmental conservation have made him a prominent figure in the world of photography. His work inspires us to see the world in a new way and to take action to protect the planet we call home.

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