BLADE- Steven Ogburn

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  • Untitled Graffiti Original Spray Paint Marker Painting by BLADE- Steven Ogburn Untitled Graffiti Original Spray Paint Marker Painting by BLADE- Steven Ogburn

    BLADE- Steven Ogburn Untitled Graffiti Original Spray Paint Marker Painting by BLADE- Steven Ogburn

    Purchase Untitled Graffiti Original Spray Paint Marker Painting by BLADE- Steven Ogburn One of a Kind Artwork on Bristol Fine Art Paper by Street Art Pop Artist. 2022 Signed & Dated Spray Paint & Marker Painting Original Artwork Size 14x11. Soft crease to the middle as received from the artist.  Steven Ogburn, more renowned by his moniker "BLADE", remains a luminary figure in the evolving landscape of graffiti art. His latest masterpiece, an untitled spray paint and marker painting, seamlessly marries the aesthetics of street art with pop culture nuances. Executed on Bristol Fine Art Paper, this work resonates with BLADE's signature vibrancy and unrestrained creativity, a testament to his enduring legacy in the graffiti world. The audacious color palette, punctuated with bold typography and whimsical motifs, creates an engaging visual narrative characteristic of the iconic style that has earned BLADE international acclaim. Crafted in 2022, this piece captures the zeitgeist of contemporary street art, drawing viewers into a vivid tapestry of urban expressionism. Every inch of the canvas exudes BLADE's mastery, from the intricate layering of spray paint to the meticulous detailing with markers. A subtle soft crease running through the middle stands as a mark of authenticity, a characteristic trait received directly from the artist. Such raw imperfections enhance the allure, reminding us of the spontaneous spirit that underpins graffiti culture. In a world where street art continues to break barriers, challenging traditional artistic norms, BLADE's recent artwork is a radiant beacon of the genre's evolution. Both enthusiasts and novices will be captivated by the artwork's depth, reveling in the dynamic fusion of pop art motifs and raw street aesthetics. It is a symbolic representation of BLADE's contribution to an art movement that continually redefines itself, pushing boundaries with every spray and stroke. Steven Ogburn, better known as BLADE, is one of the most influential graffiti artists in the world. Rising to prominence in the New York City subway art movement of the 1970s, BLADE painted an estimated 5,000 trains, earning him the title "King of Trains." His work is characterized by vibrant color palettes, intricate lettering, and bold graphic designs. With a career spanning over five decades, BLADE has transitioned from urban environments to the global art scene, exhibiting his work in galleries worldwide while continuing to inspire new generations of street artists.


BLADE- Steven Ogburn
BLADE, whose real name is Steven Ogburn, is widely recognized as a pivotal figure in the world of street art, pop art, and graffiti art. His work in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, primarily in New York City, made significant contributions to the recognition and acceptance of graffiti as a legitimate art form. Born in the Bronx in 1957, BLADE started his artistic journey at a young age. By the mid-1970s, he was a prominent fixture in the New York City subway graffiti scene, a space where he honed his skills and developed his distinctive style. Known as "The King of Graffiti," BLADE painted more than five thousand subway cars, a feat that remains unmatched in the history of graffiti art. BLADE's style is emblematic of the classic New York graffiti aesthetic. His work is characterized by bold, colorful, and large-scale pieces, often incorporating his name in complex, interlocking letters. Such signature style was innovative at that time, and it introduced a new level of complexity to graffiti art. His mastery of color, form, and composition pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible within this medium. In the late 1980s, as the New York City government began to crack down on subway graffiti, BLADE transitioned to creating works on canvas. This shift marked a critical juncture in his career and in the wider acceptance of graffiti as a form of high art. He was one of the first graffiti artists to successfully make this transition, opening doors for many who would follow in his footsteps. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Whitney Museum in New York, further cementing his reputation as an influential figure in the world of street and pop art. In addition to his individual accomplishments, BLADE also played a vital role in the formation and development of graffiti culture. He was a founding member of The Crazy 5, a renowned graffiti crew that was influential in the early days of New York graffiti. His collaborations with other artists and his mentorship of younger graffiti writers have fostered a sense of community within this often-misunderstood art form. BLADE's contributions to the world of graffiti, street, and pop art cannot be overstated. His innovative style, pioneering spirit, and commitment to community have left an indelible mark on these artistic realms. As graffiti continues to gain recognition and respect as a legitimate art form, the work of BLADE remains a touchstone, reflecting both the history and the potential of this vibrant and dynamic medium.
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