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Boa Mistura is a Spanish street art collective composed of five artists: Arkoh, Derko, Pahg, Purone, and Rdick. The group was formed in Madrid in 2001, and since then, they have made a significant impact in the street art community. Their name, "Boa Mistura," means "good mixture" in Portuguese, symbolizing the diverse artistic backgrounds and styles that each member brings to the table. Boa Mistura's work is characterized by its vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and powerful messages that often focus on social issues and community engagement. The collective is known for their innovative approach to street art, using a mix of large-scale murals, anamorphic art, and various other techniques to create thought-provoking pieces. They have worked on projects around the world, including in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, South Africa, and the United States. One of their most notable projects is the "Luz Nas Vielas" (Light in the Alleyways) project in São Paulo, Brazil, which aimed to transform the alleyways of the city's favelas using color, light, and positive messages. By engaging the local community and working together, Boa Mistura was able to create a sense of unity and hope in these otherwise marginalized spaces. Boa Mistura's work is well-regarded not only for its visual appeal but also for its ability to inspire change and create a sense of belonging among community members. Through their art, they seek to make a positive impact on society and shed light on pressing social issues.
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