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Boneface is an artist and illustrator from the United Kingdom, who is best known for his distinctive and dark illustrations, often featuring skulls, monsters, and other macabre imagery. He has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including designing album covers and merchandise for the band Queens of the Stone Age. Boneface's style is often characterized by bold, graphic lines and a strong use of color, often incorporating bright neon hues with darker, more subdued tones. His work often explores themes of death and decay, as well as the darker aspects of human nature. In addition to his work with Queens of the Stone Age, Boneface has also created artwork for other bands and musicians, including Foo Fighters, Kvelertak, and Royal Blood. He has also worked on commercial projects for brands such as Nike and Converse. Boneface's work is highly recognizable and has earned him a strong following of fans who appreciate his unique and striking style.
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