Conan the Barbarian

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Conan the Barbarian is a popular and iconic character in pop culture and could make for a great subject in graffiti street pop art. Conan the Barbarian has all the elements needed to make for a compelling and exciting subject in graffiti street pop art. Bold and Dramatic Portraits: Conan is known for his fierce and intense personality, and a portrait of him in bold and dramatic colors with strong lines and shadows would capture his essence perfectly. Epic Battle Scenes: Conan is a warrior, and epic battle scenes with him fighting against monsters or other enemies would make for stunning street art. The use of bright colors and bold lines would make the scene come alive and grab people's attention. Comic Book Style Art: Conan has been featured in numerous comic books, and his classic look with his muscular build and long hair is instantly recognizable. Using a comic book style approach in street art would not only be visually stunning but also give a nod to the character's origins. Textured Murals: Incorporating textures and 3D elements into a mural of Conan would make the piece stand out even more. Adding textures to his armor, hair, and skin would add depth and dimension to the art and make it more visually interesting. 

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