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  • Untitled Canvas III Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos Untitled Canvas III Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Crash- John Matos

    Untitled Canvas III Original One of a Kind Mixed Media Acrylic & Spray Painting Artwork on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Popular Street Graffiti Artist Crash- John Matos. 2022 Signed Original Spray Paint & Acrylic Painting Size 12x12 John Matos' "Untitled Canvas III": A Symphony of Color and Form "Untitled Canvas III," an original mixed media piece by the renowned street graffiti artist Crash, whose real name is John Matos, exemplifies his role as a critical figure in the evolution of street pop and graffiti art. Known for his vibrant use of acrylic and spray paint, Crash continues to capture the dynamic energy of urban life on gallery-wrapped canvases. This piece, completed in 2022, is a 12x12 inch square canvas that vibrates with the intensity and controlled chaos Crash is celebrated for. Crash's Mastery in Street Pop Art and Graffiti In "Untitled Canvas III," Crash's expertise in manipulating acrylics and spray paints to create textured, layered works is evident. The piece features an array of geometric shapes and vivid colors that interlock and overlap, making a sense of depth and movement. His signature bold lines and sharp angles reflect the influence of graffiti art while incorporating various forms and colors, which is reminiscent of the pop art movement. Each element in this artwork is carefully crafted to maintain a visual balance, echoing the rhythm and beat of street life. A Closer Look at "Untitled Canvas III" Crash's "Untitled Canvas III" showcases his artistic skills and his ability to communicate through visual language. When viewed in totality, The seemingly abstract forms suggest a narrative left to the viewer's interpretation. This enigmatic quality is a hallmark of Crash's work, inviting audiences to delve into the painting and discover personal connections with the imagery. The piece's size adds an intimate dimension, allowing for a unique interaction between the artwork and its beholder. The Influence of Crash's Work on Contemporary Art John Matos' impact on the art world through his persona Crash has been profound, particularly in the street pop art and graffiti art scenes. "Untitled Canvas III" is a testament to his enduring relevance and innovation as an artist. His work has been instrumental in challenging traditional boundaries and perceptions of fine art, bringing the authentic voice of the streets into the refined atmosphere of galleries. As a signed original, this piece holds a special allure, offering collectors a tangible connection to the energy and spirit of contemporary urban art. In summary, Crash's "Untitled Canvas III" vibrant represents street pop art and graffiti artwork. It encapsulates the essence of Matos' artistic journey, showcasing his distinctive style that has both defined and transcended the genres he works within. The piece stands as a colorful narrative of urban life and a significant addition to the discourse of modern art.


  • CRASH 100% & 400% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Crash- John Matos CRASH 100% & 400% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos CRASH 100% & 400% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Crash- John Matos

    CRASH 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Medicom Vinyl Artwork Toy Collectable Art Figure. 2020 Crash x Bearbrick Crossover in Box


  • Arizona AP Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos Arizona AP Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos

    Arizona- Artist Proof AP Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Crash- John Matos Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. AP Artist Proof 2000 Hand Signed Edition of Only 20 APs Ever Man, No Regular Edition, Artist Collection. Massive Size 44x32.5 "Arizona" by John Matos, better known as Crash in the street art community, is a prime example of contemporary pop art's intersection with the raw energy of street aesthetics. This artist-proof (AP) is a limited edition, hand-pulled silkscreen print on fine art paper, showcasing Crash's ability to blend high art techniques with the immediacy and vibrancy of street art. Released in the year 2000, this AP edition is hand-signed and restricted to only 20 artist proofs worldwide, with no regular edition prints available, making it a highly exclusive piece for collectors and enthusiasts of the genre. Crash's work is characterized by a dynamic use of color and shape, and "Arizona" is no exception. It exhibits an explosive array of visuals referencing the urban environment and iconic elements of consumer culture, typical of pop art tradition. The massive size of the piece, measuring 44x32.5 inches, amplifies its visual impact and embodies the larger-than-life presence often associated with street art murals. The artist's background in graffiti is evident in the bold lines and the juxtaposition of text and imagery, which reflect the visual language of the streets. The rarity of this artist's proof adds a layer of desirability. APs are typically reserved for the artist's collection and are often more valuable than the regular editions due to their limited number. This exclusivity is further highlighted by the hand-signing by Crash himself, a mark of authenticity and a personal touch from the artist. Crash has been a pivotal figure in the transition of graffiti art from subway trains into galleries, and "Arizona" exemplifies the maturation of this art form. The piece serves not only as a statement of pop culture but also as a historical snapshot of the turn of the millennium, capturing the era's zeitgeist within its composition. It stands as a testament to the evolution of street art and its established place within the broader context of contemporary art.


  • City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash John Matos x DAZE Chris Ellis

    Crash- John Matos City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash John Matos x DAZE Chris Ellis

    City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos x DAZE- Chris Ellis Silkscreen Hand-Pulled Screen on 320gsm Coventry Rag Paper Mural Pop Street Art Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 199 Artwork Size 48x17 Hand Deckled "City as Canvas" is an intriguing silkscreen print by the collaborative duo of John Matos, aka Crash, and Daze. This 2022 artwork, hand-pulled on 320gsm Coventry Rag Paper, is a testament to the ongoing dialogue between street art and the broader visual culture. The paper's hand-deckled edges contribute to the individuality of each print, ensuring that while part of a limited edition series of 199, no two are exactly alike. The dimensions, with an image size of 11 by 42 inches and a paper size of 17 by 48 inches, make this a commanding piece of art. Both Crash and Daze are renowned for their contributions to graffiti and Street Pop Art, pioneering figures who have helped bridge the gap between illicit street art and established fine art. Their work often encapsulates urban life's vibrancy, chaos, and creativity, using the city itself as their canvas and inspiration. "City as Canvas" is a continuation of this theme, where the complexity and energy of urban environments are distilled into a single, yet expansive, image. The print, produced by the respected Gary Lichtenstein Editions and distributed by WCC Editions, boasts a spectrum of colors and forms that evoke the layers of graffiti on city walls. Each element within the composition tells a part of the urban story, from the omnipresent watchful eyes to the architectural structures that seem to rise from the streets themselves. This collaboration between Crash and Daze is not just merging their distinct styles but also a conversation between their interpretations of city life and street culture. The artists have signed and numbered each print in pencil, providing a personal touch that connects the collector directly to their creative process. This series also includes artist and foundation proofs, adding to the exclusivity and collectible nature of the artwork. The Certificate of Authenticity accompanying each piece further asserts the print's legitimacy and the buyer's ownership of a slice of street art history. This work's mural origins date back to 2013, capturing a moment in time within the ever-evolving landscape of street art. By translating the mural into a silkscreen print, Crash, and Daze have allowed the transient nature of street art to be preserved and appreciated within a new context. The transition from a public mural to a limited edition print underscores the importance of street art within the continuum of art history, highlighting its influence and the increasing recognition of its value. The collaborative print "City as Canvas" by Crash and Daze is emblematic of Street Pop Art, showcasing the transformation of public spaces into sites of artistic expression and commentary. The piece embodies the essence of the streets, where every wall, every corner, and every surface becomes a potential canvas, reflecting the pulse of the city and the artists who draw inspiration from its ceaseless dynamism.


  • Piano Concerto 1 Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos Piano Concerto 1 Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos

    Piano Concerto 1 Limited Edition Graffiti Artwork Off-Set Screen Print on Thin Glossy Art Paper by Street Artist Crash- John Matos. 2021 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 35 Artwork Size 16x20 The artwork titled "Piano Concerto 1" is a limited edition piece by the renowned street artist Crash, whose real name is John Matos. It's a dynamic example of how graffiti transcends the street context, entering the realm of fine art with boldness and authenticity. Created in 2021, this piece is part of an exclusive series, with only 35 signed and numbered editions, making each print a coveted item for collectors. The artwork size is 16x20 inches, a substantial format that allows the intricate details and vibrant colors to stand out, encapsulating the viewer in its visual rhythm. Crafted with off-set screen printing on thin glossy art paper, the piece reflects Crash's roots in the subway graffiti movement of New York City in the early 1970s. His work is characterized by a mastery of color and shape, bringing together the raw energy of the streets with the precision and skill of a classically trained artist. In "Piano Concerto 1," the influence of pop art is evident, with the inclusion of comic-strip motifs and bright, contrasting colors that pop against the glossy finish of the paper. Each print from the series showcases the unique blend of abstract and figurative elements that Crash is known for. What's particularly striking about this piece is the sense of movement conveyed through the composition — a symphonic burst akin to the musical crescendo of a piano concerto, hence the title. There's a playful yet deliberate layering of elements, from the cartoon-like hands to the splatters and drips, which creates an almost three-dimensional effect. This work is not just a static image; it captures the liveliness and improvisation central to street art and musical performances. "Piano Concerto 1" stands as a representation of how graffiti art continues to influence and be a significant part of the contemporary art scene. It demonstrates how artists like Crash can navigate street and studio spaces, creating works that resonate with a broad audience and contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of urban art culture.


  • Crash Archival Archival Print by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos Crash Archival Archival Print by Crash- John Matos

    Crash Archival Print Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Print on Cotton Fine Art Paper by Artist Crash- John Matos, Street Pop Art Graffiti Legend. 2021 Signed Limited Edition Of 50 Each Print os on 17 Inch By 22 Inch Archival Cotton Paper. From An Edition of 50, These Prints Are Extremely Limited. All Prints Come Signed And Numbered By The Artist. Crash's Pioneering Journey in Street Pop Art The world of street pop art and graffiti has been dramatically influenced by the vibrant works of John Matos, better known as Crash. Emerging from the 70s and 80s graffiti boom, Crash has solidified his place as a legend within the art community. His works, characterized by bright colors, bold lines, and a dynamic sense of movement, bridge the gap between the streets' raw energy and fine art galleries' sophistication. In 2021, Crash released a series of archival pigment fine art limited edition prints on cotton paper, further cementing his legacy in the art world. Crash's journey in the art world began on the subway cars of New York City, where he translated his Bronx upbringing into explosive works of visual art. His graffiti was not simply an act of rebellion but a statement of existence, a declaration of a vibrant subculture. As he transitioned from subway walls to canvas, Crash brought the immediacy and authenticity of street art into a more enduring form. His 2021 limited edition prints culminate this transition, allowing collectors to own a piece of street art history. The archival prints by Crash are not just reproductions; they are artworks in their own right. Measuring 17 by 22 inches and printed on archival cotton paper, these prints exhibit the artist's signature style with the same intensity and energy as his original large-scale works. The limited edition of 50 prints ensures exclusivity, making each piece a treasured artifact of Crash's artistic prowess. The fact that Crash signed and numbered each print adds a personal touch that connects the collector directly to the artist's hand. Crash's Contribution to the Popularity of Street Art Crash has been pivotal in recognizing graffiti as a legitimate art form. By introducing the raw visual language of the streets to the fine art world, he has opened the door for other street artists to be appreciated by a broader audience. His archival prints bridge the transient nature of street art and the permanence desired by fine art collectors. They encapsulate the essence of street pop art: accessible yet sophisticated, popular yet personal. Crash's 2021 series of archival prints represents a significant moment in the artist's career. They reflect his evolution from a street artist to a celebrated figure in the global art scene. Each print is a testament to street art's power to convey complex emotions and narratives through simple yet impactful visuals. For enthusiasts and collectors, owning one of these prints is not just an investment in art but an investment in an era's cultural heritage. In street art and pop graffiti, Crash continues to inspire and influence aspiring artists and seasoned collectors. His limited edition archival prints are not merely canvases of color and form; they are storied pieces that carry the weight of the artist's history, the evolution of street art, and the ongoing dialogue between urban expression and fine art appreciation. Crash invites all to experience the unique energy and spirit that only street art can offer through these prints.


  • Untitled Canvas I Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Crash- John Matos

    Crash- John Matos Untitled Canvas I Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Crash- John Matos

    Untitled Canvas I Original of a Kind Mixed Media Acrylic & Spray Painting Artwork on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Popular Street Graffiti Artist Crash- John Matos. 2022 Signed Original Spray Paint & Acrylic Painting Size 12x12 The Visual Language of Crash in "Untitled Canvas I" "Untitled Canvas I," an original piece by the renowned graffiti artist John Matos, alias Crash, is a striking example of street pop art and graffiti artwork's capacity to capture the visual lexicon of urban life. This 12x12 inch mixed media acrylic and spray paint painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, created in 2022, is a testament to Crash's enduring influence on the graffiti art scene. As a signed original, it exemplifies the unique blend of meticulous skill and spontaneous expression that defines his body of work. Crash's Exploration of Form and Color The artwork presents a symphony of vibrant colors and abstract forms, each element meticulously layered to create a harmonious composition. Crash's use of spray paint is evident in the soft, atmospheric backgrounds and sharp, angular lines, which give the piece its characteristic graffiti texture and depth. Acrylics add richness and solidity to the forms, highlighting the artist's versatility and range. "Untitled Canvas I" is a vibrant dance of color and shape that speaks to the dynamic energy of the streets from which Crash hails. Intersection of Street Art and Pop Art in Crash's Work "Untitled Canvas I" symbolizes Crash's ability to merge street art's rawness with pop art's bold imagery. This piece, with its compelling use of pop culture motifs and street art techniques, reflects a profound understanding of both genres. Matos's work's fusion of these styles has been pivotal in elevating graffiti art from the streets to the gallery, bridging the gap between disparate artistic realms. John Matos' Contribution to Contemporary Art Through works like "Untitled Canvas I," John Matos has solidified his place as a pioneer in street pop art and graffiti. His contributions have helped to dismantle the barriers between high art and street culture, enabling a dialogue that has enriched the contemporary art discourse. Like many of his creations, this piece is not merely an artifact but a living part of the vibrant and continually evolving narrative of street art. In essence, "Untitled Canvas I" by Crash is more than a piece of art; it is a narrative, a statement, and a celebration of the culture that has shaped John Matos as an artist. It is a vibrant testament to the power of street pop art and graffiti to communicate, challenge, and captivate.


Crash- John Matos> Pop Artist Graffiti Street Artworks

Crash: The Dynamic Intersection of John Matos' Artistic Vision

John Matos, better known as Crash, has been a seminal figure in the transition of graffiti art from subway trains onto the canvas. His work, deeply rooted in the vibrant street culture of the Bronx, has been instrumental in propelling street pop art into the fine art galleries. Crash's art is characterized by his use of bright colors, bold lettering, and fluid shapes, which evoke the rhythm and dynamism of the urban environment from which they stem.

The Evolution of Graffiti Art Through Crash's Lens

The trajectory of Crash's career has mirrored the evolution of street pop art and graffiti artwork from an act of rebellion to a respected art form, and his early days of painting subway cars in the 1970s laid the groundwork for his later work, bringing the street's aesthetics into the gallery space. Crash's canvases are a complex layering of images and symbols, a visual lexicon that speaks to the experiences of urban life. His work is not just seen; it is felt, embodying the city's pulse and movement.

Crash's Influence on the Artistic Community

As a pioneer in the graffiti art movement, Crash has influenced countless artists and helped to shape the dialogue around street art. His often large-scale and immersive pieces can transform spaces and engage viewers in a dialogue about the nature of art and the artist's role in society. Crash's work reflects his surroundings, a commentary on the socio-political issues of his time, and a celebration of the cultural melting pot that is New York City.

John Matos' Legacy in Street Pop Art

The legacy of John Matos in street pop art is undeniable. His innovative approach to graffiti, mastery of color, and acute sense of composition have earned him a place among the greats in the art world. His pieces are held in high regard, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their authenticity and historical significance. Crash has bridged worlds, bringing the raw spirit of the street into a space that allows for reflection, appreciation, and critical discourse. In sum, Crash's contribution to art has been transformative. His work has challenged perceptions, opened doors, and set a new standard for what street pop art and graffiti artwork can be. As an artist, he continues to inspire and influence, ensuring that his legacy will endure as a vibrant and vital part of the tapestry of contemporary art.

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