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  • Wesh Cat Serigraph Print by Chanoir x Chacon x Germs

    Chanoir Wesh Cat Serigraph Print by Chanoir x Chacon x Germs

    Grems Et Chanoir Wesh Cat Serigraph Print by Chanoir x Chacon x Germs Limited Edition Hand Pulled 8-Color Print on Fine Art Paper Modern Street Graffiti Pop Artist. 2022 Signed by Chanoir x Germs & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 27.56x19.69 The Fusion of Street Energy and Vibrant Colors in "Wesh Cat" Serigraph Print "Wesh Cat" is a serigraph print that captures the electric vibrancy of street pop art and graffiti artwork, a collaborative creation by artists Chanoir, Chacon, and Germs. This 2022 piece is a limited edition hand-pulled 8-color print on fine art paper, signed by Chanoir and Germs and numbered as part of a limited run of 50 pieces. The artwork size, a substantial 27.56x19.69 inches, gives ample room for the dynamic interplay of color and form characteristic of the artists' style. The print is a visual symphony of street art motifs and pop art iconography, a bustling composition that combines various elements indicative of the genre's irreverent and playful spirit. Each character and symbol is rendered in bold lines and saturated hues, a signature of the artists' graphic approach to modern street graffiti. The collaboration between Chanoir and Germs results in a seamless blend of individual styles, showcasing a shared penchant for infusing street-inspired imagery with pop art sensibilities. "Wesh Cat" as a Modern Emblem of Street Art Culture The collective energy of the "Wesh Cat" print stands as a modern emblem of street art culture, reflecting the movement's roots in urban environments and its evolution into the galleries of contemporary art. The eclectic characters, from anthropomorphic cats to stylized figures, are each imbued with a distinct personality and narrative, encouraging viewers to delve into a world where the whimsical coexists with the satirical. The artwork's "Wesh Cat" title suggests a playful yet cryptic message, inviting interpretation and engagement. This serigraph print not only embodies the ethos of street art in its aesthetic execution but also its production method. The hand-pulled screen printing process is a nod to the hands-on, DIY spirit inherent to street art and graffiti, where the physical act of creation is as important as the resulting image. With its limited availability, this piece becomes a collector's item, a tangible slice of the street brought indoors, a piece of the cityscape to be owned and admired. In "Wesh Cat," Chanoir, Chacon, and Germs celebrate the cultural tapestry of street art, enriching the pop art dialogue with their fresh perspectives and innovative techniques. The limited edition serigraph print is a testament to the enduring allure of street pop art and graffiti artwork and its ability to convey complex, layered stories through visually arresting means. This collaborative work represents the artist's technical prowess and symbolizes the communal and collective foundation upon which street art is built. As the street art movement continues to evolve and captivate new audiences, works like "Wesh Cat" will remain crucial in chronicling this dynamic art form's vibrant history and continuous innovation.


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Graffiti artist "Germs" refers to Jaime Zacarias, a Los Angeles-based artist known for his unique style and surreal characters that are influenced by Chicano culture, graffiti art, and Mexican history. Born in 1977, Germs creates art that often features vibrant colors, anthropomorphic creatures, and Aztec-inspired imagery. He has developed a signature style, characterized by his recognizable "Luchador" masks, which have become a symbol of his work. Germs has gained recognition for his artwork not only in the graffiti world but also in the broader contemporary art scene. His pieces can be found on walls, canvases, and various objects, including cars and skateboards. As his popularity has grown, his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, as well as featured in various publications. Germs has also collaborated with other artists and brands to create distinctive, limited-edition products and merchandise. Though Germs' work is deeply rooted in the graffiti and street art scenes, his artistic expression goes beyond that, blending elements of pop culture, Mexican heritage, and surrealism. His unique approach has earned him a place among the most influential and respected artists in contemporary urban art.

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