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  • Sale -20% Hebru Brantley Forum MID RT- Size 6.5 by Adidas Hebru Brantley Forum MID RT- Size 6.5 by Adidas

    Hebru Brantley Hebru Brantley Forum MID RT- Size 6.5 by Adidas

    Purchase New Hebru Brantley Forum MID RT- Size 6.5 Rare Limited Edition Sneaker Artwork Collectible by Hebru Brantley x Adidas. 2022 Limited Edition/Out of Print Hebru Brantley Forum MID RT- Size 6.5 New In Box Core Black / Tech Olive / Cloud White "More than just leather & laces, these adidas Originals x Hebru Brantley Forums are about legacy. Furthering our collective mission to create uplifting conversations around empowerment by championing Black heroes, creativity and art, we are inspired to stand 'TEN TOES DOWN' for what we believe in. Every time you slip into these adidas Originals x Hebru Brantley Forums, you'll be reminded to stay true to who you are and where you want to go. Hebru's characters (Frogboy and Rocket) help to tell the story while empowering us to be the best versions of ourselves.  Popping from the outsole and hidden on the sockliner, a hand-drawn, custom interpretation of the Trefoil by Brantley signs it off." -Adidas


  • Flynamic Duo 66' Art Toy by Hebru Brantley Flynamic Duo 66' Art Toy by Hebru Brantley

    Hebru Brantley Flynamic Duo 66' Art Toy by Hebru Brantley

    Purchase Flynamic Duo 66' Art Toy by Hebru Brantley Limited Edition Vinyl Sculpture Collectible Artwork by Pop Street Artist. 2022 Limited Edition of 325 Artwork Size Batboy 16” Sparrow 13” New In Box Stamped/Printed Hebru Brantley is a Chicago-based artist known for his unique visual style that combines elements of graffiti, street art, and comic book illustrations. His work often features a recurring cast of characters, with Batboy and Sparrow being the most prominent ones. These characters are meant to represent the experience of African American youth and their potential to be heroes in their own stories. "Flynamic Duo 66'" is an Art Toy collaboration that pays homage to Hebru Brantley's iconic characters, Batboy and Sparrow. This limited-edition collectible brings the duo to life in 3D form, giving fans a tangible representation of the characters they love. The number '66' in the title may represent the limited number of pieces in the edition or reference another aspect of the work. Art toys, also known as designer toys, are collectible pieces that merge the worlds of contemporary art and toy culture. These limited-edition toys are often produced in collaboration with well-known artists, making them highly sought after by fans and collectors alike.


Hebru Brantley - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Hebru Brantley is an American artist, known for his distinctive style that combines pop culture, street art, and Afrofuturism. Born in Chicago in 1981, Brantley grew up in the city's South Side neighborhood of Bronzeville. He studied film and media at Clark Atlanta University before pursuing a career in visual art. Brantley's work often features characters inspired by the African-American experience and explores themes of power, hope, and resilience. His signature character, Flyboy, is a young African-American boy wearing aviator goggles, inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the United States Armed Forces. Hebru Brantley's art spans various mediums, including painting, sculpture, murals, and commercial products. His vibrant and colorful works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Elmhurst Art Museum, and Art Basel Miami Beach. Brantley has also collaborated with several high-profile brands and celebrities, such as Adidas, Hublot, and Chance the Rapper. His art has gained significant attention and praise, positioning him as an influential figure in contemporary art.
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