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    Muso Inko Archival Pigment Print

    Purchase Muso Inko Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by Helio Bray graffiti street artist modern pop art. "I started the piece in the beginning of May 2012 for an exhibition in Lisbon, named ‘Shapes for All’. The Stroke Art Fair was a great experience. I made some other pieces for the same exhibition, all a bit different but very similar. The materials are my usual materials: acrylics and spray cans.I used to like to mixed some colors in particular with some specifics forms and that’s what I have made here. I have created an environment for the Mickey Mouse, where we can find some abstract layers. On this piece there is a bit of extra appreciation for the clean line. The grey paint that I used was one of the most spectacular greys that I have ever worked with." - Helio Bray


Helio Bray

Helio Bray

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