Indie184- Soraya Marquez

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Indie184- Soraya Marquez

Indie184- Soraya Marquez

Soraya Marquez, also known by her street artist name Indie184, is a contemporary artist with roots in graffiti and street art. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and raised in New York City, she has been active in the graffiti scene since 2001. Indie184's artwork is a fusion of her love for street art, typography, and abstraction, and it is known for its vibrant colors, bold designs, and empowering messages.

Her work often showcases a combination of abstract expressionism, pop art, and elements of graffiti, resulting in unique and eye-catching pieces. Indie184's art reflects her personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions, as well as her passion for empowering women and advocating for social change.

Indie184's art can be found on walls, in galleries, and in various collaborations with brands and other artists. As a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field, she has gained recognition for breaking barriers and inspiring other female artists to pursue their creative passions.


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