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  • Sale -30% Iron Man 3 Box Office Archival Print by Bask

    Bask Iron Man 3 Box Office Archival Print by Bask

    Iron Man 3- Box Office Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper by Bask street artist modern pop art. "Last June, a friend called me saying that Robert Downey Jr. and the production team wanted to use one of my paintings, When It Rains It Pours, in the next Iron Man film. So I created it to their size specification of 5ft wide and 13ft tall and the piece was put into Iron Man Tony Starks' home in the film. Then they asked me if I’d be interested in doing more work for the Mandarin’s lair a few months later when they were shooting in Miami. I of course said yes, and ended up doing 13 more massive paintings and some set design for them along with the Iron Man mask you see here. They asked me to create a design for the wrap of the film last year. They made shirts and postcards for the set department with that image. So while this doesn't appear in the film it was definitely a big part of the project." - BASK


  • Iron Pueo Silkscreen Print by Meggs

    Meggs Iron Pueo Silkscreen Print by Meggs

    Iron Pueo Slot Machine Limited Edition 7-Color 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper on 130lb Cougar Fine Art Paper by Bask & Meggs street artist modern pop art. "I am honestly amazed at how masterful Tony at Serio Press is at printmaking. I know Meggs put a lot of work into getting this image ready for reproduction too. I must admit that due to my analog method of working, I had to leave this very complex process to the people that have the skills to pull it off. And holy shit did they ever. These prints are fucking incredible. The level of detail and accuracy is mind-blowing. I can't imagine a better way to commemorate the Iron Pueo mural we made." - Bask "I was stoked on the process of painting this mural and really proud of the end result so I feel privileged that the masters at Serio Press have done such a killer job on this screenprint! I love screen printing and this one of the most technically layered screenprints I've ever been involved with and can safely say looks even more awesome in the flesh than it does in photos. The texture of hand-printed layered inks on the rag paper, with these 7 colors really makes this piece pop with the same original intensity of our mural in Hawaii!" - Meggs


Iron Man Graffiti Street Pop Art

The Resonance of Iron Man in Street Pop Art and Graffiti

Marvel's Iron Man, a superhero known for his advanced armor suit and genius intellect, has transcended the boundaries of comic books to become a symbolic figure in the broader cultural landscape, including street pop art and graffiti artwork. Artists worldwide have been inspired by the character's rich history and visual appeal to create vibrant street art that speaks to the superhero's symbolic power. Iron Man's iconography, characterized by its bold colors and futuristic design, lends itself naturally to street art's expressive forms and dynamic compositions. The translation of Iron Man from the pages of Marvel Comics to large-scale murals and street installations is an ongoing testament to the character's impact on popular culture. In many cities, murals depicting Iron Man can be found, showcasing the character in various forms, from the classic comic book style to more abstract interpretations. These pieces often feature the recognizable red and gold palette of Iron Man's suit, with artists adding their unique twists to reflect their style or comment on societal issues. Iron Man's presence in street pop art is not merely about fan homage; it also represents the intersection of pop culture and contemporary social commentary. Street artists have utilized the image of Iron Man to engage with themes such as technology's role in society, the nature of heroism, and the concept of identity. The armored suit, a creation of Tony Stark's genius, is a metaphor for protection, strength, and the human potential for innovation. In the hands of street artists, Iron Man becomes a canvas for exploring these themes, inviting viewers to ponder the complexities of the modern world.

Iron Man's Symbolism in the Artistic Community

Iron Man's symbolism extends beyond the character itself, becoming a motif for artists to explore the fusion of humanity with technology. The street art interpretations of Iron Man often reflect on the relationship between the organic and the mechanical, mirroring the character's storyline of transformation and self-discovery. This duality is a rich source of inspiration for artists, allowing them to delve into the existential questions that Iron Man embodies. Furthermore, the figure of Iron Man in street art can be seen as a celebration of human ingenuity and resilience. The character's evolution through the decades—from a Cold War-era industrialist to a modern-day superhero—mirrors societal values and technological advancements. Street artists tap into this narrative, using Iron Man to represent progress, change, and the idea that humanity can overcome its challenges through creativity and invention.
Iron Man's influence on street pop art and graffiti artwork is multifaceted. It extends from pure visual appeal and fan-driven creations to more profound reflections on technology, identity, and progress. As depicted by street artists, Iron Man is not just a superhero but a cultural icon that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and the timeless appeal of storytelling through art. His image on walls and in galleries worldwide continues to inspire and provoke, ensuring his place not only in the pantheon of comic book legends but also in the ever-evolving narrative of street art.

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