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Jason Levesque

Jason Levesque, also known as "Stuntkid," is an American artist and illustrator. He has gained recognition for his unique style, which combines elements of surrealism, fantasy, and comic book art. His work often features striking female characters, fantastical creatures, and intricate, otherworldly environments. Levesque's illustrations are characterized by their vivid colors, strong lines, and imaginative subjects. Levesque has been commissioned for various projects, including album covers, editorial illustrations, and advertising campaigns. His work has also been featured in numerous art galleries and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. To view and learn more about Jason Levesque's work, you can visit his website or follow him on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares his latest creations and updates about upcoming exhibitions. Keep in mind that since my knowledge is up to September 2021, more recent developments in his career may not be included. Purchase Artist Jason Levesque's Street Art Graffiti Modern Art, Prints, Originals, Sculpture, and Paintings. Stuntkid, aka Jason Levesque, is an American self-taught artist based in Norfolk, Virginia. On his personal website, he describes himself as a “Monitor Designer, Illustrator, Animator, and Rogue Scientist” and throughout his career as an artist, he has experimented with a series of media, with illustrations and photography being the most prominent ones. Jason Levesque has a unique way of working on his pieces, which includes both taking original photographs and proceeding with the illustration with the taken photos as a reference point. His Nikon D50 is part of his basic equipment and regarding that, the artist comments the following: “When I shoot through the lens, I'm imagining what I'm looking at as an illustration. Sometimes I have to ignore the background.” The art of Stuntkid pays homage from Art Nouveau to Comics and from artists from Klimt and Mucha to Joao Ruas and Erik Jones. The concepts of his artworks vary, however, fantasy and gore are on the basis of this creative force. On the one hand, in his pieces, we see pathos and spirituality. On the other hand, despair, revenge, addiction, and fear shape the human figures of his art and determine their actions. At the same time, Stuntkid incorporates biological and earth an element that reveals the artist’s interest in science books, related concepts into his pieces, his fascinating art, distinguished by its bright and contrasting colors, has found its way to a wide range of mainstream media in magazines and periodicals, which extend from the PlayStation magazine to latex fetish magazines in Germany.

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