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  • Sale -15% OP OP OP Silkscreen Print by John Harman x Lefty Out There

    Lefty Out There OP OP OP Silkscreen Print by John Harman x Lefty Out There

    OP OP OP Silkscreen Print by John Harman x Lefty Out There Hand-Pulled 1-Color on 100lb Recycled Archival French Black Licorice Construction Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2020 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 25 Artwork Size 36x24 Silkscreen Print The world of pop and street art saw a unique confluence when John Harman collaborated with Lefty Out There to create the "OP OP OP" silkscreen print in 2020. This exclusive piece encapsulates the vibrant energy of the streets, expressed through the use of a single color scheme, invoking a stark contrast with the 100lb recycled archival French black licorice construction paper it is printed on. The choice of this specific paper is a nod to sustainable practices, balancing the harmony between art and environmental awareness. Harman and Lefty Out There are known for their daring visual language that oscillates between the pop art and street art genres. This print is a reflection of their shared artistic vision, blending minimalistic yet bold impressions in an elusive dance of interpretation. The "OP OP OP" silkscreen print draws the observer into a maze of enigmatic layers, with each viewing experience likely to reveal a fresh perspective. This artwork stands at an imposing 36x24 inches, making it a commanding centerpiece in any collection. The creation process entailed the traditional method of hand-pulling the silkscreen, which further accentuates the artisanal quality of the piece. The physical engagement of this technique lends a tangible rawness to the print, reminding us of the unfiltered emotion and spontaneity associated with street art. This silkscreen print is a limited-edition offering, with only 25 such pieces in existence. Each print is signed and numbered, adding a personal touch from the artists and enhancing the artwork's authenticity and collectibility. For connoisseurs of pop and street art, the "OP OP OP" silkscreen print is more than just a piece of art – it's a snapshot of the cultural zeitgeist of its time, captured through the collaborative vision of two accomplished artists.


John Harman
Harman's work is characterized by the unexpected juxtaposition of cultural symbols and vibrant color palettes. Taking cues from pop art pioneers like Andy Warhol, he recontextualizes everyday objects and popular culture, positioning them within larger societal narratives. His pieces are both a commentary and a criticism, reflecting the tensions, inequalities, and complexities of contemporary life. His style also embodies the essence of street art's transformative power. By incorporating graffiti's aesthetic and techniques, Harman challenges the very conception of public space, inviting viewers to re-evaluate their perceptions of their surroundings. His monumental murals transform urban walls into public galleries, prompting dialogue, evoking emotions, and stimulating thought about the role of art in society. A recurring theme in Harman's work is the democratization of art. By utilizing public spaces as his canvas and freely sharing his work with the community, he counters the elitism often associated with the traditional art world. In this way, he not only brings art to the masses but also empowers others to find their own creative voices, thereby fostering a more inclusive and diverse art scene. Harman's contributions to graffiti art, pop art, and street art have led to his recognition as one of the most influential artists of his generation. His revolutionary approach, with its marriage of high art and street culture, continues to shape the evolution of the art world. Through his work, John Harman powerfully illustrates that graffiti, far from being mere urban scrawl, can be a potent vehicle for personal expression, social commentary, and cultural transformation.

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