Jordan Buschur

2 artworks

Jordan Buschur is an artist and educator based in the United States. She is primarily known for her paintings, which often explore themes related to books, libraries, and personal collections. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries both nationally and internationally. Buschur's paintings frequently present densely packed books on shelves, stacks, and in various states of organization or disarray. She uses a range of media, including oil and acrylic paint, to create her visually rich and detailed works. The interplay of light, shadow, and color in her paintings brings attention to the beauty and complexity of the everyday objects we often take for granted. In addition to her painting career, Jordan Buschur is also an educator, teaching art courses at various institutions. Her background in education contributes to her artistic practice, as she often explores the connection between art, knowledge, and the human experience.

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