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  • Krink 1000% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Craig Costello x Medicom Krink 1000% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Craig Costello x Medicom

    Krink- Craig Costello Krink 1000% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Craig Costello x Medicom

    Krink 1000% BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Urban Collectable Art Figures 2021 New In Box Krink 1000% Be@rbrick Art Toy by Craig Costello x Medicom BE@RBRICK Meets Krink: An Intersection of Street Art and Collectible Culture The collaboration between Craig Costello, the mastermind behind Krink, and Medicom Toy's BE@RBRICK is a contemporary tale where street art meets designer toy culture. This partnership gave birth to a limited edition series of the 1000% BE@RBRICK, a 27.5-inch vinyl art toy that encapsulates the iconic visual language of Krink in a collectible form. Released in 2021, this crossover is a testament to the ever-expanding influence of street pop art and graffiti artwork in mainstream culture. Craig Costello's Krink: A Signature Style in Vinyl Craig Costello, widely known in the art community as 'KR,' has become an influential figure in the street art scene, particularly for his contributions to graffiti through the development of Krink, a brand of high-quality inks and markers. His signature style is characterized by bold, dripping lines that evoke a sense of motion and raw energy, elements that are masterfully translated onto the BE@RBRICK canvas. The Krink 1000% BE@RBRICK features this distinctive drip motif in a striking silver and black color scheme, with the Krink logo emblazoned across the figure's chest. While a departure from traditional street art mediums, the vinyl toy becomes a three-dimensional representation of Costello's artistic ethos. The piece is an innovative extension of Krink's brand identity, reaching beyond the streets and into urban collectibles. The Art Toy as a Modern Canvas With collectibles like BE@RBRICK at the forefront, the art toy movement has provided a new canvas for artists traditionally associated with street pop art and graffiti artwork. These figures offer a unique opportunity to merge the tactile with the visual, allowing artists to explore form, texture, and design in a compact, tangible format. The Krink 1000% BE@RBRICK by Craig Costello reflects this growing trend where collectibility intersects with contemporary art. It bridges the divide between the subversive nature of street art and the polished realm of collectible design, creating a piece that resonates with art enthusiasts and toy collectors alike. The choice of a BE@RBRICK as the medium exemplifies a conscious shift towards the diversification of street art and embracing new, unconventional platforms for expression. Krink's Lasting Impact on Art and Design Craig Costello's collaboration with Medicom Toy epitomizes the evolution of street art from ephemeral wall paintings to coveted collectible pieces. The Krink 1000% BE@RBRICK serves not only as a homage to Costello's contributions to the graffiti landscape but also as a symbol of the versatility and adaptability of street pop art. The success of such crossovers signals a broader acceptance and celebration of street art within popular culture, and Craig Costello's work is at the vanguard of this movement. His ability to transition from fluid inks on urban walls to vinyl figures on display shelves demonstrates the boundless potential of street pop art to infiltrate and enhance every aspect of the modern aesthetic experience. Ultimately, the Krink 1000% BE@RBRICK stands as a physical testament to the dynamic dialogue between art and commerce, the rebel spirit of graffiti, and the meticulous craft of collectible design. It is a beacon of innovation, ensuring that the spirit of the streets continues to find new avenues for appreciation and impact.


  • Detroit Tag Series 6 Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Cope2- Fernando Carlo

    Cope2- Fernando Carlo Detroit Tag Series 6 Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Cope2- Fernando Carlo

    Detroit Tag Series- 6 Original Painting Aerosol & Krink Marker on Canvas by Cope2 Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2010 Signed Original Aerosol & Krink on Stretched Canvas Size: 20 x 12 x 1.5 Inches Release: November 16, 2010 Run of 1 "I've always wanted to do a show like this. Lately, I have transitioned mostly into mixed media paintings, but I've been doing hardcore graffiti, if you want to call it that, for thirty-plus years. It's what made me Cope2. But I like to change it up and show all my different styles. So, with this show, I can show my style evolution and how I've progressed. "Versatile" shows where I came from and what I'm doing now," -Cope2 Exploring Cope2's 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' Cope2, born Fernando Carlo, is a name that resonates with authority in graffiti and street art. His 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' is a powerful original painting that combines the raw energy of aerosol art with the precision of Krink markers on canvas. This piece, created in 2010, is a testament to his versatility and evolution as an artist who has been influential in the scene for over three decades. The Evolutionary Path of Cope2's Artistry Cope2's journey as an artist has seen him transition from the streets of the Bronx, where he earned his stripes as a graffiti writer, to the galleries that now house his canvas work. 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' reflects this journey, showcasing a mature style without losing the spontaneity and vigor of his early work. The piece, with dimensions of 20 x 12 x 1.5 inches, is a singular expression within a limited run, emphasizing Cope2's commitment to creating unique works that are personal and reflect his roots in street culture. Cope2 captures the essence of Detroit's urban landscape in this series through his iconic tag style. The bold, sweeping curves and sharp lines rendered in black against a striking red background indicate his confident hand, honed by years of practice. The use of Krink markers, known for their vibrant ink and durability, allows Cope2 to bring the immediacy and authenticity of street tagging to the canvas. Cope2's 'Versatile' Exhibition: A Display of Artistic Range The 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' was a highlight of Cope2's exhibition titled 'Versatile,' which showcased the breadth of his artistic repertoire. In his own words, the show was an opportunity to present the evolution of his style and his progression as an artist. Cope2's ability to navigate between the street and the studio, to exhibit the rawness of graffiti alongside the refinement of mixed media paintings, speaks to his adaptive approach to art-making. His work not only captures the essence of street pop art but also pushes its boundaries, inviting viewers to experience the dynamic nature of graffiti in new contexts. The exhibition was a narrative of growth, a visual documentation of Cope2's transition from street legend to a respected figure in contemporary art. 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' stands as a proud testament to the original spirit of street art while signaling Cope2's ongoing exploration of form, color, and medium. The Enduring Legacy of Cope2 in Street Art Cope2's impact on street pop art and graffiti artwork is indelible. 'Detroit Tag Series- 6' is a canvas and a chronicle of an artist's life-long dedication to his craft. Through this work and others like it, Cope2 demonstrates that graffiti is not a static art form but a living, evolving practice that continues to challenge and redefine artistic expression. As a pivotal figure in the graffiti world, Cope2's contributions extend beyond his artworks. He has inspired generations of artists to pick up the can and the marker, to make their mark on the world, and to express their voices in bold and unapologetic ways. Cope2 remains a vital presence in the art community; his work bridges the past and future of street art. His legacy is one of transformation, a reminder that art is constantly in motion, seeking new surfaces to conquer and stories to tell.


Krink- Craig Costello Pop Artist Graffiti Street Artworks

Krink: The Artistic Brainchild of Craig Costello

Krink, a brand synonymous with high-quality, vibrant inks and markers, is the creation of Craig Costello, a graffiti artist who has made a profound impact on the street art scene. Costello, originally from Queens, New York, has been instrumental in the development of tools that have allowed graffiti artists to leave their mark with greater ease and style. His journey from a graffiti writer to an entrepreneur has made him a revered figure in the world of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Krink- Craig Costello, also known as KR, is a well-known graffiti artist and the creator of a popular line of art supplies, specifically high-quality markers and inks. His iconic drip-style art has become synonymous with street art and pop culture. Graffiti Street Pop Art is a term that refers to the blending of graffiti and street art with elements of pop culture. This artistic movement typically involves the use of bright colors, bold lines, and recognizable symbols or images from popular culture. Artists in this genre often draw inspiration from comic books, cartoons, advertising, and other elements of mass media. Krink's contribution to Graffiti Street Pop Art can be seen through his distinctive style and the development of his brand of art supplies. His drip-style artwork, characterized by thick lines and fluid drips of ink, has become a staple in the street art community. The technique creates an illusion of motion and energy in the artwork, which is a hallmark of the Graffiti Street Pop Art movement. In addition, Krink's art supply line enables artists to create their own graffiti and street art, further spreading the popularity and reach of this artistic movement.

Craig Costello's Innovative Contribution to Graffiti

Craig Costello began his artistic journey in the early 1990s, during which he experimented with different mediums and methods to express his creative vision. His innovation came in the form of Krink, a unique brand of ink and marker specifically designed for graffiti artists. Krink became known for its superior quality, exceptional durability, and the distinctive drippy aesthetic it gave to tags and artworks. The characteristic 'drip' style of Krink inks has become a staple in the visual language of street art, emulated by artists worldwide. Costello's invention was born out of necessity. The need for a better marking tool that could create bold, opaque lines that would last on a variety of surfaces led him to mix his own inks and eventually design his own markers. Krink products are celebrated for their versatility, used on everything from concrete walls to canvas, making them a favorite among artists who traverse the realms of both street art and fine art.

The Global Influence of Krink and Street Art Culture

The influence of Krink extends beyond the products themselves and into the broader culture of street art. Craig Costello's work has been instrumental in propelling the narrative that street art is not just an act of vandalism but a legitimate form of artistic expression. The availability and quality of Krink products have enabled artists to produce work that can endure the urban environment and be respected as art. Costello's collaborations with various brands, artists, and designers have helped bring the aesthetic of street art into mainstream consciousness. His work with Krink has been featured in galleries and exhibitions, blurring the lines between street art and high art and challenging preconceived notions about the value and potential of graffiti.

Craig Costello's Enduring Legacy in Art

Craig Costello's contribution to the arts through Krink has established him as a pioneer in the street art community. His dedication to quality and his understanding of the needs of graffiti artists have made Krink a household name among creatives. The tools he has developed empower artists to not only perfect their craft but also to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in street pop art and graffiti artwork. As the founder of Krink, Costello has secured his place in the annals of street art history. His brand has become a symbol of the evolution of graffiti, from its underground roots to its current status as a globally recognized art form. Costello's journey mirrors the rise of street art itself – a path marked by creativity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to bringing art to the streets and beyond. His legacy is reflected in the vibrant strokes of Krink inks around the world, a lasting testament to the impact one artist can have on the canvas of urban landscapes.

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