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  • Sale -20% Love The World You Live in Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen

    Kunstrasen Love The World You Live in Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen

    Purchase Love The World You Live in Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen Hand-Pulled 16-Color on Somerset Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 24x24 Silkscreen Print "Love The World You Live In," a compelling silkscreen print by Kunstrasen, presents a striking reflection on emotion and environment, a frequent theme in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. This 2023 limited edition artwork is part of an exclusive set of only 50 signed and numbered prints, enhancing its value to collectors. The piece is sized at 24x24 inches, a dimension that allows the intricate details and the boldness of its 16 colors to stand out, providing an immersive visual experience. Kunstrasen, a pseudonym that reflects the artist's commentary on artificiality in society, utilizes the silkscreen technique to layer color upon color, creating a depth that mirrors the complexity of the art's subject. The artwork is printed on Somerset fine art paper, a medium known for its excellent absorbency and texture that complements the vibrancy of the silkscreen inks. The imagery of a figure cradling a heart symbolizes the tenderness and vulnerability inherent in our relationship with the world around us. This visual narrative is a hallmark of Kunstrasen's style, which often marries the raw expressiveness of graffiti with the iconic simplicity of pop art. The use of a heart, universally recognized as a symbol of love, juxtaposed against the monochromatic figure prompts viewers to consider their connections to the world they inhabit. Kunstrasen's work is a dialogue between the artist and the public, a characteristic of street art that is carried over into this print. The tactile nature of the hand-pulled print means that each limited copy has slight variations, making each a unique piece of art. "Love The World You Live In" is not just a visual statement but also a tactile artifact of street culture, embodying the essence of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork and inviting contemplation on the part of the beholder.


  • Soak Up Art When You Can CYMK PP Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen

    Kunstrasen Soak Up Art When You Can CYMK PP Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen

    Purchase Soak Up Art When You Can CYMK PP Silkscreen Print by Kunstrasen Printers Proof Hand-Pulled 6-Color on 300gsm Somerset Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork. PP Printers Proof 2018 Signed & Marked P/P Limited Edition Artwork Size 19.68x27.56 Silkscreen Print. The "Soak Up Art When You Can CYMK PP" is a thought-provoking silkscreen print by Kunstrasen, whose work fluidly combines the aesthetics of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. Created in 2018, this piece is a Printers Proof (P/P), indicating it is one of the unique copies typically reserved for the artist's approval before the final edition is run. This status often makes the P/P prints more desirable due to their rarity and role in printmaking. The artwork is hand-pulled, a traditional technique that ensures each print has a unique touch, and it features a vibrant 6-color palette on 300gsm Somerset fine art paper, known for its superior quality and texture, enhancing the visual depth of the print. Kunstrasen's choice of the CMYK color model, a cornerstone of printing technology, cleverly bridges the technical world of printmaking with the visceral experience of viewing art. The dimensions of the piece, 19.68x27.56 inches, offer a substantial canvas for the artist's vision, where the striking interplay of color blocks and the depicted figure invites contemplation on the role of art in public and personal spaces. With its significant name "Soak Up Art When You Can," this print serves as both a manifesto and a reflection on the ephemeral nature of street art and the importance of engaging with art in all its forms. The work is both a literal and metaphorical splash of color against the structured backdrop of CMYK, suggesting the transformative power of art to disrupt and animate the routine patterns of life. The silhouette of the figure against the bold splashes of paint is reminiscent of graffiti's spontaneous nature, while the structured composition speaks to the calculated precision of pop art. Kunstrasen's work often resides in this dual nature, navigating the nuances between planned artifice and impulsive creativity. For enthusiasts and collectors, owning a piece like "Soak Up Art When You Can CYMK PP" means holding a snapshot of the artist's critical engagement with the world. This piece symbolizes the ongoing dialogue between the street and the gallery.



Signature Elements in Kunstrasen's Art

Central to Kunstrasen's appeal is the distinctive use of motifs that echo the sentiments of love, societal constructs, and political musings. Using stencils as a medium is a deliberate nod to graffiti culture. However, the sophistication with which these stencils are utilized elevates the work to a realm that intersects with pop art. Kunstrasen's art is not confined to the streets; it comfortably inhabits galleries, where the transition from public spaces to private collections speaks to the versatility and universal appeal of the pieces.

Techniques and Mediums

The technical aspect of Kunstrasen's work is as impressive as the conceptual. Hand-pulled silkscreen prints exhibit mastery over the medium, with layers of color building upon each other to create rich and texturally diverse images. Using fine art paper instead of walls or urban surfaces is a testament to the adaptability of street art principles when applied to more traditional forms of art presentation. The result is a body of work that retains the rawness of street art while achieving a finesse often associated with fine art.

Themes and Concepts

At the heart of Kunstrasen's work lies a profound engagement with personal and universal themes. The recurring symbol of the heart, often depicted in a state of vulnerability, is a metaphor for the human condition. The art speaks to the fragility and resilience of love and life, challenging viewers to reflect on their experiences and the world around them. By integrating textual elements into the visuals, Kunstrasen adds another layer of meaning, encouraging a dialogue between the art and the observer.

Impact on Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork

Kunstrasen's impact on Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork is significant. By straddling the line between accessible pop culture references and the gritty realism of street art, Kunstrasen's work has contributed to the ongoing discourse on what constitutes art in the public realm. The ability to communicate complex themes through simple yet powerful imagery has allowed the art to resonate with a broad audience, democratizing the perception of what art can be and who it is for.

Exhibitions and Public Reception

The reception of Kunstrasen's art in exhibitions and by the public reflects its relatability and impact. Exhibitions featuring Kunstrasen's work often see a convergence of art lovers, casual observers, and critics, each finding something of value in the art. The limited edition prints, such as "Love The World You Live In," become sought-after pieces for collectors, evidencing the demand for art that bridges the gap between the elite art world and the communal street scene.

Contribution to the Artistic Community

Beyond individual acclaim, Kunstrasen's contributions have bolstered the artistic community, especially within the realms of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. By engaging in collaborations, public installations, and dialogues within the art community, Kunstrasen has fostered a spirit of inclusivity and growth. The artist's willingness to address pressing issues through art inspires other creators to see the streets as canvases for expression and change.

Looking Towards the Future

As the art world evolves, Kunstrasen remains a prominent figure whose future works are eagerly anticipated. The adaptability in embracing new themes, techniques, and mediums suggests the present does not confine an artist but is constantly looking forward. Kunstrasen challenges the status quo with each piece, propelling Street Pop Art.

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