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  • Sneak Peek Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Martin Whatson Sneak Peek Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Purchase Sneak Peek 7-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Martin Whatson, a Rare Street Famous Pop Artwork Artist. 2021 Embossed Stamp Limited Edition Artwork Size 24.4x9.84. Paper embossed around the curtain edge for a 3D effect with the graffiti in the background. It was stamped by Martin Whatson & Graffitiprints. Artistic Elements of "Sneak Peek" "Sneak Peek" is a limited edition silkscreen print by Norwegian artist Martin Whatson, known for his distinctive fusion of grayscale imagery with vibrant street art elements. This piece, created in 2021, is a 7-color hand-pulled print on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper, noted for its smooth finish and high quality, a favored medium for fine art prints. The artwork features an embossed stamp and is 24.4 inches by 9.84 inches. One of the most striking aspects of "Sneak Peek" is the embossed paper around the curtain edge, which lends a 3D effect to the graffiti showcased in the background. This technique highlights Whatson's innovative approach to printmaking, combining precision with traditional techniques' tactile quality.  Martin Watson Signature Style Whatson's art is a visual commentary on the stark contrasts between the urban landscape and the human experience. In "Sneak Peek," the use of grayscale to depict the hand and the curtain symbolizes the often monochrome and mundane aspects of life. At the same time, the colorful graffiti in the background represents the vibrant, often hidden layers of the city and its expressive street art culture. Integration of Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork "Sneak Peek" embodies the spirit of street pop art and graffiti through its combination of classical art references and contemporary graffiti techniques. Martin Whatson and Graffitiprints, a hallmark of authenticity and a nod to the collaborative nature of street art, stamp the piece. Whatson's work is a dialogue between the traditional and the new, and this print is a testament to that ongoing conversation. In conclusion, "Sneak Peek" is a collectible piece that encapsulates Martin Whatson's unique perspective within the street pop art and graffiti movement. It showcases his skillful blending of different art forms to create something that is both accessible and complex, offering a window into the layered world of street art.


  • The Crack Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Martin Whatson The Crack Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Purchase The Crack 7-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Martin Whatson, a Rare Street Famous Pop Artwork Artist. 2021 Embossed Stamp Limited Edition Artwork Size 9.84x19.68. Paper embossed around the crack for a 3D effect with the graffiti in the background. It was stamped by Martin Whatson & Graffitiprints. Technique and Design of "The Crack" "The Crack" is a compelling 7-color hand-pulled silkscreen print by the street pop art and graffiti artist Martin Whatson. Produced on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper, a preferred choice for high-quality prints due to its exceptional finish and weight, the 2021 limited edition piece measures 9.84 by 19.68 inches. This artwork emulates Whatson's style, which often showcases the contrast between black and white elements with splashes of colorful graffiti. Emphasizing the depth and texture, "The Crack" features paper embossed around the depicted crack, giving a 3D effect that brings the graffiti in the background to life. The embossing technique enhances the tactile experience of the artwork, inviting viewers to observe and feel the interplay between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements. Each print bears an embossed stamp of authenticity, further signifying it as a genuine work by Whatson. It is also stamped by Graffitiprints, marking it as a collaboration between the artist and the print house. Symbolism in Martin Watson's Work Whatson's "The Crack" can be seen as a metaphor for the unexpected beauty and complexity beneath the urban landscape's surface. The figure in print peels back a wall layer to reveal a vibrant world of color and life hidden underneath, symbolizing the artist's search for beauty in unexpected places. This visual metaphor is a recurring theme in Whatson's work, which often explores the relationship between the monochromatic, structured world and the chaotic vibrancy of street art. Contribution to Street Pop Art and Graffiti Martin Whatson has contributed significantly to the street pop art and graffiti movements by pushing the boundaries of traditional street art. His use of silkscreen printing, a technique with roots in pop art, bridges the gap between the studio and the street, allowing for the reproduction of his work while still maintaining a handcrafted feel. "The Crack" is a prime example of this blend, marrying meticulous stenciling with the unrestrained energy of graffiti. "The Crack" is a testament to Martin Whatson's innovative approach to street pop and graffiti artwork. It represents the artist's commitment to exploring and highlighting the contrast between the raw, expressive potential of graffiti and the controlled precision of stenciling, resulting in visually striking and conceptually profound pieces.


  • Rock Climber PP Giclee Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Martin Whatson Rock Climber PP Giclee Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson

    Purchase Rock Climber PP Giclee Silkscreen Print by Martin Whatson Printers Proof Hand-Pulled 18-Color Screen Print on 300gsm Somerset Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork & Graffiti. PP Printers Proof 2021 Signed & Marked P/P Limited Edition Run Artwork Size 31.5x31.5 Giclee Over Silkscreen Print.  Martin Watson Artistic Approach "Rock Climber PP" is a giclée and silkscreen print by Martin Whatson, a notable figure in contemporary street pop art and graffiti. As a Printer's Proof (PP) from a limited edition run in 2021, this piece captures the dynamic essence of urban art. Signed and marked by the artist, "Rock Climber PP" spans 31.5 inches by 31.5 inches and showcases Whatson's adeptness in blending giclée precision with the rawness of hand-pulled screen printing. Martin Whatson's art is recognized for its vivid portrayal of motion and emotion, often juxtaposed against a monochrome background. In "Rock Climber PP," Whatson employs an 18-color screen print on 300gsm Somerset fine art paper, a medium well-regarded for its texture and durability, which is crucial for the layered technique used in the work. The artwork is distinguished by its hand-pulled screen printing method, which ensures that each color layer is applied with personal attention, contributing to the print's depth and vibrancy. Convergence of Techniques in "Rock Climber PP" The combination of giclée and silkscreen print in "Rock Climber PP" exemplifies the convergence of digital precision and traditional printmaking. Giclée prints are known for their high-resolution and sharp detail, derived from digital printing. This modern technique allows for the gradations and nuances of the original artwork to be captured with exceptional clarity. On the other hand, silkscreen printing is a manual process that involves forcing ink through a mesh screen to create an image. It's a method deeply rooted in the history of street art and pop art due to its directness and capacity for bold, saturated colors. Cultural Impact of Watson's Work "Rock Climber PP" is more than a mere amalgamation of techniques; it is a visual narrative that speaks to the urban experience and its inherent search for meaning. The figure of the rock climber, striving upward amidst the chaotic splashes of color, symbolizes the human quest for progress and the challenges faced in the climb. This imagery represents street pop art's core themes: struggle, resilience, and the beauty found in the act of creation. The Significance of Limited Edition Prints As a Printer's Proof, "Rock Climber PP" holds a special place in collectible art. The printer or artist typically retains these proofs and are not part of the numbered edition, making them rarer than the standard prints. Collectors highly prize them for their exclusivity and the insight they provide into the artist's process. In addition, Watson's signature and the PP mark on the artwork seal authenticity, further elevating the print's value and desirability. In conclusion, "Rock Climber PP" by Martin Watson stands as a vibrant embodiment of the street pop art and graffiti movement. It captures the essence of urban art through the interplay of giclée and silkscreen techniques, resulting in an intricate and explosive piece. The print is a testament to Whatson's skillful navigation of art forms and ability to convey profound messages through his distinctive visual language. This artwork resonates with the energy of the streets and the spirit of contemporary art, encapsulating the genre's vitality.


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The Artistic Style of Martin Whatson

Martin Whatson is a name that has become synonymous with a distinctive style of street pop art and graffiti artwork. His journey in the art world is marked by a signature blend of grayscale images with vibrant, colorful graffiti elements, creating a striking contrast that has captivated audiences globally. Whatson's work often showcases the beauty that can be found in what appears to be chaos. He typically starts with monochromatic images, often inspired by urban environments or elements of human form, and then disrupts these with bursts of colorful graffiti. This juxtaposition is a visual technique and a commentary on the world around us—the grayness of daily life sparked with moments of bright, vivid emotion.

Rise in the Street Art Scene

Coming from Norway, Whatson developed his artistry amidst a landscape not widely known for street art. His rise to prominence in the street art scene is a testament to his ability to communicate universally relatable themes through his art. He found in the walls of his city a canvas for self-expression and a means to bring art to a broader audience, away from the exclusivity of galleries.

Cultural Impact and Collaboration

Martin Whatson's art resonates with a broad audience because it captures the dynamic interplay between order and disorder, control and freedom. His collaborations and exhibitions worldwide have allowed him to spread his unique vision, bridging different cultures and communities. His pieces often feature layered elements, with a palpable tension between the background and graffiti motifs—a technique that has become a sought-after aesthetic in street pop art.

Techniques and Mediums

Regarding technique, Watson is known for his meticulous stenciling work, which lays the foundation for the more spontaneous act of graffiti tagging. His choice of mediums and tools is varied, employing everything from spray paint to markers, ensuring that the final piece is rich in detail and depth.

Watson's Contribution to the Art World

Martin Whatson's contribution to the art world extends beyond the visual impact of his work. He has played a significant role in bringing street art into the conversation about fine art, demonstrating that graffiti and street pop art can possess depth and seriousness while remaining accessible and engaging. His work challenges preconceptions about what street art can be and its place within the spectrum of contemporary art. Martin Whatson's work celebrates the unpredictability of street pop art and graffiti. Through his distinctive style, he invites viewers to look closer and discover the layers of meaning behind the seemingly chaotic splashes of color. As street art continues to evolve and gain recognition, Whatson's art stands as a testament to the creative potential of this form and its ability to communicate across cultural and social boundaries.
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