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  • Sale -20% Oh-No BlackOut UberJanky Art Toy by McBess x SuperPlastic Oh-No BlackOut UberJanky Art Toy by McBess x SuperPlastic

    McBess Oh-No BlackOut UberJanky Art Toy by McBess x SuperPlastic

    Purchase Oh-No BlackOut UberJanky Janky SuperPlastic x McBess Limited Edition Vinyl Artwork Street Art Toy Collectable Figure Oh No BLACKOUT is here to leave a permanent mark with his tattoo style art from kicks to cranium ?  and at 15” tall you know he’s louder than a bachelorette party in Vegas ?  Only 666 made so cop now!!



McBess, also known as Matthieu Bessudo, is a French illustrator, animator, and musician known for his monochromatic and highly detailed style. Born in 1984, he has been working professionally as an artist since the mid-2000s. McBess's signature style is influenced by vintage cartoons, tattoos, and music, which is evident in his distinctive black and white drawings featuring various characters, often set in surreal, dream-like environments. McBess studied animation at the prestigious Supinfocom school in France and later moved to London to work in the animation industry. Over time, his illustration work gained recognition, and he became known for creating artwork for brands, advertising campaigns, album covers, and posters. Some of his clients include Nike, Vans, The New Yorker, and Converse, among others. In addition to his visual art, McBess is also a musician. He is a guitarist and singer for the band The Dead Pirates, and his passion for music is evident in many of his illustrations. His artwork often features musicians, instruments, and references to music culture.

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