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  • Tempest 22x30 Archival Print by N.C. Winters

    N.C. Winters Tempest 22x30 Archival Print by N.C. Winters

    Tempest- 22x30 Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by N.C. Winters Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. "I have made a few paintings that incorporate a series of narratives that revolve around my relationship to my son as a father and this is the next major piece in that ongoing series. I imagine this series may last for several decades as I explore what it means to be a dad and watch my son grow and evolve and create his own world. Interestingly, the previous piece and origin of this series were with a previous 1XRUN release: “Overdrive.” Tempest” has several layers of meaning that correspond with various states of the mind and the aforementioned experience of being a father. To dispel the immediate question, no, it does not refer to a troublesome, tempestuous child, but more to the overwhelming complexity that comes from raising a new life and what that means for your own existence, not to mention the whirlwind of life that he must be experiencing concurrently. I leave the viewer to extrapolate other personal meanings from that jumping-off point." - N.C. Winters


N.C. Winters

N.C. Winters (Nathanial Charles Winters) is a contemporary American artist, illustrator, and designer known for his detailed and intricate works. He is primarily a visual artist who creates imaginative, surreal, and often dark-themed illustrations. His work spans various mediums, including traditional pen and ink, acrylics, digital art, and mixed media. Winters has a versatile style that incorporates elements of surrealism, fantasy, and pop culture. He often draws inspiration from nature, blending it with fantastical and mythical elements to create otherworldly scenes. His artwork typically features a mix of organic forms, mechanical structures, and intricate details that invite the viewer to get lost in the imaginative worlds he creates. In addition to his personal work, N.C. Winters has done commercial work for various clients, including advertising, editorial illustrations, and licensed products. Some of his clients include Marvel, Hasbro, and Universal Studios, among others.

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