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  • Echoes Silkscreen Print by Nafir

    Nafir Echoes Silkscreen Print by Nafir

    Purchase Echoes  Hand-Pulled 14-Color Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Modern Urban Artist Nafir Rare Art Limited Edition Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 90 Size 19.29x29.52



Nafir is an Iranian street artist known for his distinctive stencil-based graffiti artwork that explores various social and political themes. Born in Tehran, he started his career in 2008 and quickly gained recognition for his unique style, which combines elements of Iranian culture with contemporary street art techniques. Nafir often creates thought-provoking pieces that address issues such as censorship, human rights, and social injustice. His works can be found on walls and buildings in several cities around the world, and he has collaborated with other renowned street artists as well. Nafir's art has been featured in international exhibitions, and his popularity continues to grow due to the powerful messages and striking visuals in his work.

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