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Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia is a contemporary artist born in 1983 in Poland, and raised in Southern California. She is best known for her vibrant, colorful oil paintings depicting everyday scenes, often featuring female subjects. Fabia's artwork is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of punk rock, fashion, and street art. Fabia's paintings often portray women in various social settings and activities, such as parties or intimate gatherings. She creates dreamy, surreal atmospheres using sparkling light and rich colors, infusing her scenes with a sense of glamour and mystery. Her unique approach to color and light, combined with her attention to detail, has earned her recognition in the art world. Fabia studied at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows across the United States and internationally. In addition to her career as a painter, Fabia is also known for her involvement in fashion, having designed costumes and accessories for various projects. As a contemporary artist, Natalia Fabia continues to create evocative and mesmerizing paintings, capturing the essence of her subjects and exploring themes of femininity, beauty, and empowerment.

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