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  • Dali HPM Giclee Print by PANG Fipsi Seilern

    PANG Fipsi Seilern Dali HPM Giclee Print by PANG Fipsi Seilern

    Dali Pop Street Artwork Hand Painted Multiple HPM Limited Edition Giclee Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Urban Graffiti Modern Artist PANG - Fipsi Seilern. Signed HPM Edition of 40 Giclee print on 300 gsm Somerset Satin paper Hand Finished by the artist all unique signed by the artist Dimensions: 60 x 72 cm 2021


PANG - Fipsi Seilern

PANG Fipsi Seilern, often referred to simply as PANG, is a contemporary artist born in London, UK. She is known for her intricate, large-scale murals and paintings that often explore social, political, and environmental themes. PANG's work is characterized by its complex compositions and vibrant colors, which are used to create powerful visual narratives that engage viewers on multiple levels. PANG's artistic journey began with a background in illustration and design, but she eventually found her true calling in street art and muralism. She has since become an influential figure in the global street art community, collaborating with various artists and organizations, and participating in festivals and exhibitions around the world. In addition to her public art, PANG also produces studio works on canvas and other mediums, which share similar aesthetics and themes with her murals. Her artwork continues to evolve, as she constantly pushes boundaries and explores new techniques and ideas, cementing her status as an innovative and influential artist in the contemporary art scene.

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