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  • Fragile Cargo AP Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Fragile Cargo AP Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Purchase Fragile Cargo AP Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY Artist Proof Hand-Pulled Screen Print on Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. AP Artist Proof 2022 Signed & AP Marked Original Run Limited Edition Artwork Size 18x24 Silkscreen Print of Elephant & Womans Face With Stylized Vintage Airline Ticket Influance.  "This OBEY Fragile Cargo poster is a fusion of a few inspirations. The elephant and my wife Amanda meditating relate to the Buddhist philosophy that humans are part of nature, not above it, and must live in harmony with nature. The phrase “Rise Above” references transcendence, but is also one of my favorite Black Flag songs. The graphic elements also reference the aesthetics of travel tags and tickets which present a dichotomy… travel is great for broadening cultural perspective, but it has a heavy carbon impact. Karma asks us to consider the benefits and consequences of all of our actions. All of my prints are printed on recycled or sustainable paper. A portion of the proceeds from this print will benefit Greenpeace to support their work to enhance environmental protections and combat climate change." -Shepard Fairey  Delving into the realm of pop and street art, the "Fragile Cargo AP" silkscreen print by renowned artist Shepard Fairey stands as a testament to the dynamic confluence of art, philosophy, and environmental consciousness. Hand-pulled and crafted meticulously on fine art paper, this limited edition artist proof from 2022 manifests an intricate fusion of inspiration sources. The composition, with its arresting visuals of an elephant juxtaposed with the serene face of Fairey’s wife, Amanda, draws heavily from Buddhist philosophy. The art underscores the interdependence of humanity and nature, emphasizing the belief that humans do not preside over nature but are inherently a part of it. This intricate blend of artistic expression with philosophical musings is a hallmark of Fairey’s work. The term “Rise Above,” embedded within the artwork, serves a dual purpose. While it signals transcendence and aligns with the broader philosophical underpinnings of the print, it is also an homage to one of Fairey’s favorite songs by Black Flag, a classic American punk rock band. Simultaneously, the design elements, reminiscent of travel tags and vintage airline tickets, invoke a reflection on the complexities of modern travel. The allure of travel, which offers an enriched cultural perspective, is weighed against its environmental impact, specifically the carbon footprint associated with it. Echoing this environmental consciousness, Fairey ensures that all his prints are produced on either recycled or sustainably sourced paper. Beyond this, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Fragile Cargo AP" is dedicated to Greenpeace, highlighting Fairey’s commitment to supporting environmental causes and combating the dire challenges of climate change. Through this artwork, Shepard Fairey weaves an intricate tapestry of visual splendor, philosophical depth, and environmental advocacy, reaffirming his position as a luminary in the worlds of pop and street art.


  • Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid

    Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid

    Purchase Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid Hand-Pulled on Wove Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork. 2020 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 250 Artwork Size 17x24.5 Silkscreen Print of Elizabeth II Queen of England In Demonic Style With Words "God Save Great Britain" Art Car Boot Fair Edition "Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative" is a striking silkscreen print by the renowned artist Jamie Reid, a limited edition piece produced with meticulous hand-pulled technique on fine wove art paper. Dated 2020, this exclusive artwork, available in only 250 signed and numbered editions, measures 17x24.5 inches, marking its significance in the realm of contemporary art. Delving into the details, the artwork portrays Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, in a provocative and almost demonic style. This avant-garde representation draws heavily from Reid's previous creations, especially his emblematic work for the Sex Pistols - "God Save The Queen." Notably, in "Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative," the Queen is adorned with the same blood diamond crown that she was pictured wearing for her 1977 Jubilee. This crown, beyond its historical significance, provides a visual linkage between Reid's iconic past work and this contemporary piece. The origins of this piece are rooted in Reid's collaboration for the Scorzayzee record titled 'Great Britain'. The artwork's integration of the phrase "God Save Great Britain" further reinforces its socio-political commentary, a hallmark of Reid's style. The work's debut at the Art Car Boot Fair speaks volumes about its place in modern pop and street art. Its edgy appearance, combined with Reid's historic association with punk aesthetics, ensures that "Queen In Blood Diamonds Negative" stands out as an emblematic representation of the ongoing dialogue between monarchy, pop culture, and societal critique in the realms of street and graffiti art.


  • Legislative Influence For Sale AP Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Legislative Influence For Sale AP Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Purchase Legislative Influence For Sale AP Artist Proof 2-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Shepard Fairey Rare Street Art OBEY Pop Artwork Artist. AP Artist Proof 2011 Signed & Marked AP Artwork Size 18x24 Silkscreen Democrat Propaganda Print of United States President Ronald Regan Holding Sign That Reads "Legislative Influence For Sale" like one side is innocent. "Legislative Influence For Sale AP Artist Proof" stands as a testament to the profound intersection of politics, pop art, and street aesthetics, epitomizing the essence of the genre through the lens of Shepard Fairey, a defining figure in the contemporary street art scene. Created in 2011, this 2-color, hand-pulled limited edition silkscreen print on fine art paper captures not just the vibrancy and rawness of Fairey's visual language, but also a poignant commentary on the nature of political power and influence in the United States. Marked by its emblematic use of stark contrasts, the print features a depiction of the 40th United States President, Ronald Reagan, clutching a sign with the audacious declaration "Legislative Influence For Sale". Such a visual rhetoric draws attention to the controversial claims about money's role in shaping political outcomes, highlighting the nuances of the relationship between governance and monetary interests. At the same time, by juxtaposing Reagan – who often stands as a symbol of conservative ideals – with a sign suggesting political malfeasance, Fairey challenges the viewer to question and confront their preconceived notions about innocence and guilt in the political arena. In context, Shepard Fairey's artwork – often released under the OBEY moniker – has continually been at the vanguard of pushing the boundaries of street art, evolving it from mere visual spectacle to a medium that communicates pressing societal messages. This piece is no exception. Merging the populist overtones of street art with the iconographic representation reminiscent of pop art, Fairey's "Legislative Influence For Sale AP Artist Proof" is more than just an artwork. It's an embodiment of a time, a statement, and a call to awareness in a world where art and activism seamlessly intersect.


Graffiti street pop art has long been an important medium for political expression, providing artists with the opportunity to convey their messages, ideas, and concerns to a wide audience. This art form has roots in various cultures and has evolved over the years, playing a significant role in shaping political discourse. Several key aspects of politics in graffiti street pop art include: Social and political critique: Artists often use graffiti as a medium to express their dissent or opposition to specific issues, policies, or political figures. This can range from direct messages and caricatures to more subtle, abstract representations. Representation of marginalized groups: Graffiti street pop art has often been a way for underrepresented communities to voice their concerns and struggles. It's a platform for these groups to assert their identity and share their stories with the wider public. Calls for action and change: Graffiti can be a powerful medium to inspire change and demand social or political reforms. Some artists use their work to mobilize public opinion or encourage people to participate in activism. Satire and humor: Many artists incorporate humor and satire into their work to critique the status quo or to expose hypocrisy, corruption, or incompetence in politics. This approach can be an effective way to capture attention and make a statement. Celebration of political victories or achievements: Some graffiti street pop art celebrates political progress or important milestones, such as the election of a progressive leader or the passage of important legislation. Propaganda and counter-propaganda: Graffiti can be used by political factions to spread their messages and ideas, either in support of their cause or in opposition to their rivals. This can result in a visual battle of ideologies on the streets. Overall, graffiti street pop art has played a significant role in politics, providing a powerful platform for artists to engage with their audience and make their voices heard. The public nature of this art form means it can reach a wide audience, often challenging the mainstream narrative and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive political discourse.
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